Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Monday, July 31, 2017

More vacation misfortune

Forgotten Keys
Forgotten Keys

After a four-hour flight, separated from each other, deprived of parental care, the children were noisy and hungry. The mother silently seethed. Her Subject was not inexperienced. He quickly lugged all the luggage, gathered the children skillfully, and marched them orderly to a restaurant in the airport. He knew just what the children wanted and informed the waitress politely the urgency of serving hungry children in a timely manner. “Give me a stiff drink,” Athena said to the waitress.

“Contact the airline, and get our return flight seat assigned together,” Athena ordered Her Subject, still incensed.

The holiday must have overwhelmed the travelling industry. It took over an hour to get the rental car reserved weeks ago. Weary travelers waiting in line murmured dissatisfactions among themselves. Several other children wailed while their exhausted mothers tried to calm them in vain. One young toddler fell asleep on the floor. Our children, on full stomachs, fared better. They quietly told each other fairy tales. Two groups in front of us didn’t reserve vehicles large enough for all of their luggage. While waiting in line, we watched them playing luggage Tetris and failing for over an hour. The children watching in amusement also tried to solve the luggage puzzles for them to no avail. When we finally we got our vehicle, it was almost a triumphant movement. The children sang cheery tunes loudly.

Her Subject reserved a cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The family were going to spend about ten days there. The children were singing happily in the back seats and Athena was calming down from the earlier flight fiasco.

Soon we were on the winding mountain road ascending into the Sierras. Majestic mountains on one side, steep valleys on the other as we zigzagged among them, crossing rivers and streams sporadically. The feel of a relaxing vacation started to settle in. “Let’s see who can spot a bear first,” the children exclaimed as we passed a watch-for-bears sign.

Shortly one of our daughter got car sick from the mountainous road. The atmospheric pressure change caused earaches and the children starting whining. We heard a heaving sound and soon smelled it. One daughter threw up. The foul odor contaminated the entire vehicle instantly. The picturesque view became a little less enjoyable than a minute ago. Her Subject put his foot down the gas pedal heavily.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at the cabin. Her Subject found the key under the welcome doormat. It was a rustic wood cabin on a steep hill in the mountain, surrounded by old forest growth. The trees appeared to be hundreds of years old, proudly thrusting themselves high up in the sky. To Her Subject’s delight, he found a wooden deck with outdoor furniture in the backyard. He quickly prepared a bowl of chips and milk for the children, two glasses of wine for the adults, and then invited his family to join him in relaxation in the backyard in the old forest.

The children stared at the old growth forest in awe. “These trees are gigantic! Do you think there are fairies and forest spirits protecting them?” The children said while enjoying their milk and snack.

The backdoor opened and Athena emerged. Her Subject handed her the glass of wine. Athena looked relaxed and happy. “This place is beautiful,” she said with a smile. The door sprang close with force while Athena’s hand was still on the handle, her smiled disappeared. “The door locked itself! I left everything inside!”

“Are we going to sleep outside tonight? Have only chips for dinner? Will the bears come out at night? Are they going to eat us?” The children started to worry. “We have chips and milk, and you have only wine!”

“Oh don’t worry children,” Athena offered assurance to the children. “Mom and dad can survive on wine for a long time!”

“But you didn’t bring out the whole bottle,” the children observed.

“I left everything inside too,” Her Subject said. “I’m not even wearing shoes!” They looked each other in the eyes, not saying anything to each other but knew what each has to do. One had to look for help and the other had to stay with the children.

“I’m going to see if I can find Internet access, look up our landlord’s phone number and ask her for help,” Her Subject said, “I don’t think the landlord lives too far away. If we are lucky, she’ll be home, and she can get here before too dark.”

Her Subject started walking on the forest floor without shoes. He didn’t have the foggiest idea where to find Internet access.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Family vacation off to a bad start

Family Members Separated

At the airport check-in counter, the agent told us they couldn’t seat our family together.

We planned the family vacation one year ago. When we bought the tickets, the airline told us due to a computer glitch, we couldn’t select seats.

When checking in online just hours prior to the flight, we still couldn’t select our seats. "This function is not available at this time," the computer displayed the error message. "Please see gate agent."

So we did as told by a machine.

We were early. At the gate, there were only a dozen or so people waiting. "There should be plenty of seats available for us to pick from," we thought to ourselves. We couldn't imagine ourselves as the only ones excluded from the seat selection process.

The gate agent busily typed away our information on the keyboard. She looked distressed. She couldn’t seat us all together. “All other seats are taken. These are the only ones left. I’m sorry. Your family have to be in separated seats,” she delivered the bad news.

“All other seats are taken?” We protested. “How is that possible? I thought there was a computer glitch preventing seat assignments. There are less than ten of us here checked in. How does other passengers pick their seats?”

The flight agent shrugged, shook her head in silence.

Should we make a scene? We were afraid a squad of goons would show up and drag us out of the airport. We may end up in the hospital with broken bones. We read it in the news. Some passengers were beaten up at the airport because of an overbooked flight. They refused to forfeit their tickets and were met with violence. We were flying that infamous airline that assaults their own customers.

What to do? We had three very young children. They still needed sippy cups to avoid spillage. How were they going to do on their own, among all strangers without any parental help? Would they spill their drinks everywhere? Spill on the passengers next to them? Would they be too scared to go to the bathroom alone and wet the seats? The youngest one was not even strong enough to open a water bottle. He had not learned to talk intelligibly yet. How would he ask for help?

What if the children get motion sickness and vomited? Or couldn’t adjust to the cabin pressure changes and start to cry?

Athena was upset. She expressed her concerns firmly to the airline and why it was not a good idea to separate us. “You keep us separated. You will help the children. You feed them and take them to bathrooms. You will clean up their mess. You will deal with their crying,” Athena told them.

Each of us were at least two seats and two rows apart. After everyone was boarded, the flight attendants politely asked if anyone was willing to exchange seats with us. No takers. “I’m willing to put up with a crying child but not giving up my seat,” one answered. “I’ll take my chances with the child throwing up. No way am I moving.” The other one concurred.

Athena silently hid her tears. The children, all alone, started crying. No one made a move. The people sitting around the crying children started reading magazines, drinking wine, or taking a nap, as if the distressed children were invisible.

It was a four hour flight. All the passengers put up with the troubles caused by the lonely, scared, crying, screaming, and messy children, yet still no one was willing to move during the entire flight.

Some passengers were clearly annoyed by our children. "I wish they would sit still," some people grumbled.

“Would you like the change seats?” Athena asked, “then the boy wouldn’t bother you anymore.” Athena tried to be helpful.

“Your boy is annoying. I wish I’d seat next to an adult,” the passenger next to our son replied. “But this is my seat. I’m staying right here.” We had never seen a more determined passenger.

“But my seat is in the better section. It’d be an upgrade for you. You’ll gain a few more inches of legroom,” Athena said.

“No. I’m loving my seat. I'm not moving.”

No one took up on the seat upgrade offers. They were determined to endure whatever abuses the children flung their way to hang on to their assigned seats.

We must have been on a flight reserved for assigned seat fetish lovers.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Whip hypnotized and dined on its prey

Her Venomous Pet

“Sleep… deeply… so deep…” Athena hypnotized Her Subject.

“Think a happy feeling… so happy… so happy… so happy to be whipped…”

“You want to be whipped… by me… makes you so happy…”

"So happy to be whipped…"

The whip hissed hungrily in the air. Its appetite was ferocious, and the venomous bite didn’t wake its meal… The prey continued to plead to be consumed.

* * * * *

“When I count to 3, you will stop asking to be whipped… But stay deeply asleep… You'll feel wonderful and loved… You'll feel my deep care for you… so wonderful…"