Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Femdom and chastity are normal

Her Subject pleaded to have a short break from Femdom and chastity. "Can we please take a short break from chastity? Revert back to normal?"

"But we are working toward normal," Athena replied.

"I want more Femdom and that to be the normal for us. That is, more Femdom is the normal. We still have a way to go."

"So I do agree. We'll continue to work toward normal. You stay chaste, under my control."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Keyholder pendant

A lovely selfie

Gift from far away

Mother's day weekend.

While Her Subject was travelling for work, Athena received this keyholder jewelry from Her Subject.

In return, Athena sent this lovely selfie to him.

O, how Her Subject missed Athena from far away.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Trapped in Femdom

Her Subject couldn’t bear to be in chastity anymore. He begged to be out.

“Beg all you want, you are not cumming tonight,” Athena declared.

“Stay chaste. Yes, you convinced me to do it. I thought it was weird. But I also thought it could be fun to try. Why? I don’t know. That’s not important. We are not going to dwell on why. We may never know for the rest of our lives.”

“After experiencing it, I just know that we like it. As for why? Who cares?”

“We don’t have the time or energy to contemplate why we like it.”

“I think my life is much easier now, that’s why I like it. You help out around the house a lot more. And you are right, kinky activities are not necessary. But I prefer to have them.”

“So your begging will not change my mind. You are not cumming tonight. Or any other time unless I allow it.”

“Yes, it started out as fun and games. Not anymore. I want it real.”

“You talked me into it.”

“You cannot talk me out of it. That’s how Femdom works. I make the call now.”

"You are feeling trapped? You built the trap yourself. There is no way I'm letting you out. Not ever. No way. No, no, no, no, no!"

“I’m not going to extend your chastity either. Not going to do it. I want you always to think I may change my mind anytime. I don't mind you begging.”

Athena gestured the Jedi Mind Trick.

“Can’t remember why you are here? It’s not important then, or else you’d remember.”

“Go fold the laundry.”