Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Friday, April 21, 2017

BDSM/FLR family raising independent thinking children

Freedom of thought

Athena routinely rides her stationary bike. Sometime she does sit-ups or other exercises.

She may crack whips as part of her workout routine. When weather permitting, she cracks her long whips outside. She also has several short whips to use indoors.

Our children don’t pay any attention to Athena’s cracking whips any more than sit-ups or cooking the family dinner. They usually stay engaged in their own games. Or watching TV. They don’t think anything of it.

Sooner or later, the children will notice that not every mom cracks whips. Many people have not even seen a whip in person.

And we have a good collection of them.

What will the children think then?

We hide age inappropriate things from the children. We don’t hide cracking whips because we don’t think we need to.

It is an unusual activity. Nothing wrong with it. Just unusual.

Should we hide the unusual but harmless from the children? We don’t think so. In hope that doing things a little differently, we can instill the courage for them to think differently.

To be able to think for themselves, we believe is the most important thing we can give to our children.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kinky Easter Bunny handles her whip

Easter Bunny & her whip.

“Enough Easter pictures of friends and family with children, I’m tired of looking at them,” Athena said after looking through her Facebook account.

She twisted Her Subject’s nipple, “Take the camera and come with me. You’ll do an Easter post today.”

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dominatrix holding a scalpel

Athena: The glove doesn’t show too well. But the scalpel looks
wicked sharp. Oh and my smile. Wouldn’t you like to know
what I was thinking?

Today we take a scalpel to the formula:

Dominatrix = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)

We are going to carve out a piece from the formula and examine it closely. With the right tool in hand, we can cook up wild conjectures. In this case, we are not even sure if a scalpel is the right tool. But we had fun taking the picture. Isn’t it the whole purpose? To bring joy to life?

First we take a look of the variable: i.

It’s simple enough. It represents how interested we are in something. We should instinctively know it ourselves, right? After all, introspection is available to everybody. Listen to ourselves. Are we interested? Is it really something we want to do? Do we have the urge to do it? Does it bring us satisfaction?

Yet it is elusive to us, for it is ever changing. We think we know it, then it changes. Like a vampire, you never know what form it will take. As soon as we see the vampire has taken the form of a mist, he shifts into a bat before we know it.

It is only natural that our interests or preferences change. Sometimes without us knowing it. Since it is natural, we should accept that’s the way it is.

It is a constant discovering process: discovering ourselves.

Last week during lunch time, Athena was energetic and bubbly. Sipping on her favorite drink, she was all smiles. A little too devilish perhaps. “I’m going to whip you tonight,” Athena said enthusiastically. Her interest level at lashing Her Subject was high.

In the evening, after the children were asleep, Athena was tired. “I still want to whip you,” Athena said while falling asleep.

In this case, the formula was correct. Without sufficient interest level, or the variable i, dominatrix didn’t happen.

She was still interested in punishing Her Subject, but it gave way to a competing interest, sleeping, in this instance. In another instance, it could be the interest level to watch TV, organize family photos, or just a conversation about family budget or children's schoolwork.

For tonight, holding a scalpel won out competing against employing the whip. "Where is the scalpel? Hurry up and get the camera and lights ready." Athena bossed Her Subject around.

"Tonight, scalpel picture. Whip can wait for another day," Athena said. Not even Athena herself knows what she will really do from moment to moment. She may even revert back to vanilla without herself knowing! That would be terrible for Her Subject!

Our ever changing preferences may point to the hopelessness of our quest to make a dominatrix. But we are not aimless creatures. Our preferences does not change randomly. At least not 100% randomly. But we have to understand it and accept it before we can influence it toward our favor.

“I saw your printed draft for another blog entry. Scalpel won’t do. I need to find my sword,” Athena said.

Kink vending machines dispensed freely

When one writes, one should always expect to be misunderstood.

From the kindness of kink vending machine A

From the kindness of kink vending machine B

Scolded, Her Subject went sulking in the corner for a minute.

“Want a dominant women, date one,” one woman tweeted.

Good advice. If one is free to date.

But it’s not so practical to men who have vowed “till death do us part.” She is not telling men to break their promises, is she?

While standing in the corner, Her Subject observed his children doing all sorts of silly things.

Eric cut holes in a cardboard box then wore it like a T-shirt. Then he walked around in it pretending to be a robot. He moved like one and talked like one. His sisters were thoroughly entertained they couldn’t stop giggling.

Emma pretended to be a tiger hunting down Eric then tried to devour him, only to pretend to spit out because “robot tasted bad.” The she started to tickle the robot.

Soon all three children were rolling on the floor laughing. They were having a grand time.

Was Erik exploited pretending to be a robot to make his sister laugh? Or Emma a tiger to entertain her siblings?

Pondered on that for a minute, Her Subject realized that it was not him that was misunderstood. It was him who misunderstood the women responding.

Appreciating all the hard work of turning Athena to be the kink vending machine Her Subject liked, they themselves turned into machines dispensing humiliation plays.

Two women, in one day. Complete with animated GIF’s. Not one, but two GIF’s. These kink vending machines must be the latest models.

All for free. All charity out of their kindness. O, Her Subject should be so lucky.

Re-tweeting must be in order to show admiration for such efforts. Her Subject quickly did so to express his gratitude.