Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A child’s wisdom

No pet at the end of this leash.

What do they teach in kindergarten nowadays?

When we were at that age, Apple Computer did not exist.

TV had three channels.

Disco was all the rage.

The other day, our kindergartener Emma wrote series of instructions navigating a mouse through a maze to get his cheese on the computer. "We learned that in school."

Trying to solve a piece of puzzle in life, Emma had this to say, “Daddy, why does mommy always tell you what to do and you always do what she says?”

“No, don’t tell me. Oh, I know. Because you love each other.”

Emma showed satisfaction after solving the puzzle.

We work long and hard to afford their tuition. Perhaps it’s paying off.

While we were driving, Emma saw neighbor’s dogs and cats wondering around. She said, “If I see a stray boy, can we take him home and be my pet?”

“I will love him and feed him.”

“Of course pet can’t sleep in my room. Maybe in the kitchen. We need to buy him a basket to sleep in.”

“If he behaves well, I’ll allow him to sleep in my room. On the floor.”

“Please daddy? If we see a stray boy?”

Now we are not so sure the school is teaching properly.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to turn her into a dominatrix

Many men wondered if there are levers to pull to turn her into a dominatrix. A simple flip of a switch and voila, the dominatrix of your dream.

Chances are, there are switches and levers. But they are not obvious, visible, or intuitive. Don’t bet on them to be simple either. And that’s the rub, isn’t it?

For a naturally dominant woman, it won’t work that way. She doesn’t like her lever pulled or her switch flipped at the whim of another person. If anything, she wants to be the one pulling the levers. That’s what makes her dominant.

For a naturally submissive woman, the lever may be missing. There is no amount of effort can get her into any resemblance of a dominatrix. Forcing her out of her natural self may only drive her mad, if not away. Nevertheless, there is hope of her being a desirable service top, and that’s a good thing too. A service top is what many men want anyway.

Most women are in the middle between the extremes of dominant or submissive. That’s bad news for men looking for dominatrices. But there is good news too. If willing to put in some effort, chances are good in molding her into the dominatrix of your likings. Just need to find the right levers, switches, or buttons, and then learn how to operate them.

In another word, the human psyche can be programmed. One only needs to understand the interface. At least that’s what many hypotheses suggest.

The trouble is that most people don’t learn the interface, or they learn the wrong things and make a mess of things. It’s not all their fault really. There is simply not a lot of good information out there. Universities don’t offer majors in turning women into dominatrices. No funds or grants pour into such researches. The most available resources are badly written or plainly wrong flooding the Internet. And this may be one of them on both accounts: badly written and plainly wrong.

Her Subject is willing to put his thoughts to test. He recalled that many dominatrices advised against this. Don’t treat women like “kink vending machines.” He couldn’t agree more. Don’t treat women like that, at least not initially. Not until discovering that the potential is there, and after she agrees to be one. Then program the kink machine and calibrate her to your heart’s desire.

There are good information out there, if the woman is open to be a dominatrix and willing to put in some effort to give it a try. Plenty of Femdom blogs, books, and forums offering advice. There are even meetings, munches, and classes she can attend to if inclined so.

But what if she doesn’t want to put in any effort into it? She refuses to do any research on her own. When it’s done and organized for her, she won’t touch it. No interests in interacting with any kinkster neither online nor in person.

Is it still possible to turn her into a dominatrix?

Her Subject thinks so. This is his blog and discoveries in his attempt. To turn Athena into a dominatrix without any effort on her part. Or at least making her feeling effortless.