Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Horrible hurricane

Heavy downpours flooded our community.

A devastating hurricane came our way. Athena took this picture of our neighborhood. Our dwelling is on higher ground so we fared better.

We passed out some supplies to our friends and neighbors. We received some too.

Our community will come together and save each other. This is not the first disaster we’ve encountered, and like in the past, we will overcome it.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A serene sunset

Captured upside down sunset in the wine glass
with her phone.

We were still at the cabin by the lake. Athena was sitting on the balcony enjoying this spectacular view.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rescued. Forgot to bring her vibrator.

Forgotten Rabbit Vibrator
We forgot to pack the rabbit vibrator.

Much to his delight, Her Subject encountered a neighbor planting flowers in her yard. "Oh, I think I can help," the neighbor said. She went inside to make a telephone call. Help arrived shortly and the cabin was unlocked. The family retired soon for much needed rest.

Next morning, we walked to the lake near the cabin. The lake was formed about 2 million years ago. It is known for the clarity and the panorama of surrounding mountains on all sides. The morning calm water was like a mirror, reflected the upside-down image of surrounding beauty. The children jumped in the lake excitedly while we watched them from ashore. Athena must have taken hundreds of pictures with her phone. “These movements are so precious. They go by so quickly,” Athena said.

Around noon we prepared a simple lunch in the cabin. Exhausted from playing in the lake all morning, the children soon all began napping.

Athena went onto the bed, removed her panties, and spread her legs wide open. “Oral service,” she said to Her Subject while her other hand was holding her wine glass. Her sexy scent excited Her Subject and he was quick to oblige. Athena reclined back, relaxed and exhaled a soothing sigh. While sipping on the wine, Athena also enjoyed herself by watching the rabbits, chipmunks, and birds just outside of the windows. “I love hearing birds chirping. Look at them. They are so beautiful and colorful,” Athena said. Buried between her legs, Her Subject couldn’t see much of anything.

“Yes, that’s a good boy,” Athena said. “That’s enough of your tongue. I’d like the vibrator now.”

Athena sensed Her Subject’s hesitance right away and knew what happened. The vibrator was not packed.

With her hypnotic power, Athena slightly squeezed Her Subject’s head and melted his mind. His body collapsed lifelessly. “Move to your side of the bed and sleep,” Athena said. Her Subject’s mindless body did as told. Athena was ready for a nap too and did so.

Monday, July 31, 2017

More vacation misfortune

Forgotten Keys
Forgotten Keys

After a four-hour flight, separated from each other, deprived of parental care, the children were noisy and hungry. The mother silently seethed. Her Subject was not inexperienced. He quickly lugged all the luggage, gathered the children skillfully, and marched them orderly to a restaurant in the airport. He knew just what the children wanted and informed the waitress politely the urgency of serving hungry children in a timely manner. “Give me a stiff drink,” Athena said to the waitress.

“Contact the airline, and get our return flight seat assigned together,” Athena ordered Her Subject, still incensed.

The holiday must have overwhelmed the travelling industry. It took over an hour to get the rental car reserved weeks ago. Weary travelers waiting in line murmured dissatisfactions among themselves. Several other children wailed while their exhausted mothers tried to calm them in vain. One young toddler fell asleep on the floor. Our children, on full stomachs, fared better. They quietly told each other fairy tales. Two groups in front of us didn’t reserve vehicles large enough for all of their luggage. While waiting in line, we watched them playing luggage Tetris and failing for over an hour. The children watching in amusement also tried to solve the luggage puzzles for them to no avail. When we finally we got our vehicle, it was almost a triumphant movement. The children sang cheery tunes loudly.

Her Subject reserved a cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The family were going to spend about ten days there. The children were singing happily in the back seats and Athena was calming down from the earlier flight fiasco.

Soon we were on the winding mountain road ascending into the Sierras. Majestic mountains on one side, steep valleys on the other as we zigzagged among them, crossing rivers and streams sporadically. The feel of a relaxing vacation started to settle in. “Let’s see who can spot a bear first,” the children exclaimed as we passed a watch-for-bears sign.

Shortly one of our daughter got car sick from the mountainous road. The atmospheric pressure change caused earaches and the children starting whining. We heard a heaving sound and soon smelled it. One daughter threw up. The foul odor contaminated the entire vehicle instantly. The picturesque view became a little less enjoyable than a minute ago. Her Subject put his foot down the gas pedal heavily.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at the cabin. Her Subject found the key under the welcome doormat. It was a rustic wood cabin on a steep hill in the mountain, surrounded by old forest growth. The trees appeared to be hundreds of years old, proudly thrusting themselves high up in the sky. To Her Subject’s delight, he found a wooden deck with outdoor furniture in the backyard. He quickly prepared a bowl of chips and milk for the children, two glasses of wine for the adults, and then invited his family to join him in relaxation in the backyard in the old forest.

The children stared at the old growth forest in awe. “These trees are gigantic! Do you think there are fairies and forest spirits protecting them?” The children said while enjoying their milk and snack.

The backdoor opened and Athena emerged. Her Subject handed her the glass of wine. Athena looked relaxed and happy. “This place is beautiful,” she said with a smile. The door sprang close with force while Athena’s hand was still on the handle, her smiled disappeared. “The door locked itself! I left everything inside!”

“Are we going to sleep outside tonight? Have only chips for dinner? Will the bears come out at night? Are they going to eat us?” The children started to worry. “We have chips and milk, and you have only wine!”

“Oh don’t worry children,” Athena offered assurance to the children. “Mom and dad can survive on wine for a long time!”

“But you didn’t bring out the whole bottle,” the children observed.

“I left everything inside too,” Her Subject said. “I’m not even wearing shoes!” They looked each other in the eyes, not saying anything to each other but knew what each has to do. One had to look for help and the other had to stay with the children.

“I’m going to see if I can find Internet access, look up our landlord’s phone number and ask her for help,” Her Subject said, “I don’t think the landlord lives too far away. If we are lucky, she’ll be home, and she can get here before too dark.”

Her Subject started walking on the forest floor without shoes. He didn’t have the foggiest idea where to find Internet access.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Family vacation off to a bad start

Family Members Separated

At the airport check-in counter, the agent told us they couldn’t seat our family together.

We planned the family vacation one year ago. When we bought the tickets, the airline told us due to a computer glitch, we couldn’t select seats.

When checking in online just hours prior to the flight, we still couldn’t select our seats. "This function is not available at this time," the computer displayed the error message. "Please see gate agent."

So we did as told by a machine.

We were early. At the gate, there were only a dozen or so people waiting. "There should be plenty of seats available for us to pick from," we thought to ourselves. We couldn't imagine ourselves as the only ones excluded from the seat selection process.

The gate agent busily typed away our information on the keyboard. She looked distressed. She couldn’t seat us all together. “All other seats are taken. These are the only ones left. I’m sorry. Your family have to be in separated seats,” she delivered the bad news.

“All other seats are taken?” We protested. “How is that possible? I thought there was a computer glitch preventing seat assignments. There are less than ten of us here checked in. How does other passengers pick their seats?”

The flight agent shrugged, shook her head in silence.

Should we make a scene? We were afraid a squad of goons would show up and drag us out of the airport. We may end up in the hospital with broken bones. We read it in the news. Some passengers were beaten up at the airport because of an overbooked flight. They refused to forfeit their tickets and were met with violence. We were flying that infamous airline that assaults their own customers.

What to do? We had three very young children. They still needed sippy cups to avoid spillage. How were they going to do on their own, among all strangers without any parental help? Would they spill their drinks everywhere? Spill on the passengers next to them? Would they be too scared to go to the bathroom alone and wet the seats? The youngest one was not even strong enough to open a water bottle. He had not learned to talk intelligibly yet. How would he ask for help?

What if the children get motion sickness and vomited? Or couldn’t adjust to the cabin pressure changes and start to cry?

Athena was upset. She expressed her concerns firmly to the airline and why it was not a good idea to separate us. “You keep us separated. You will help the children. You feed them and take them to bathrooms. You will clean up their mess. You will deal with their crying,” Athena told them.

Each of us were at least two seats and two rows apart. After everyone was boarded, the flight attendants politely asked if anyone was willing to exchange seats with us. No takers. “I’m willing to put up with a crying child but not giving up my seat,” one answered. “I’ll take my chances with the child throwing up. No way am I moving.” The other one concurred.

Athena silently hid her tears. The children, all alone, started crying. No one made a move. The people sitting around the crying children started reading magazines, drinking wine, or taking a nap, as if the distressed children were invisible.

It was a four hour flight. All the passengers put up with the troubles caused by the lonely, scared, crying, screaming, and messy children, yet still no one was willing to move during the entire flight.

Some passengers were clearly annoyed by our children. "I wish they would sit still," some people grumbled.

“Would you like the change seats?” Athena asked, “then the boy wouldn’t bother you anymore.” Athena tried to be helpful.

“Your boy is annoying. I wish I’d seat next to an adult,” the passenger next to our son replied. “But this is my seat. I’m staying right here.” We had never seen a more determined passenger.

“But my seat is in the better section. It’d be an upgrade for you. You’ll gain a few more inches of legroom,” Athena said.

“No. I’m loving my seat. I'm not moving.”

No one took up on the seat upgrade offers. They were determined to endure whatever abuses the children flung their way to hang on to their assigned seats.

We must have been on a flight reserved for assigned seat fetish lovers.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Whip hypnotized and dined on its prey

Her Venomous Pet

“Sleep… deeply… so deep…” Athena hypnotized Her Subject.

“Think a happy feeling… so happy… so happy… so happy to be whipped…”

“You want to be whipped… by me… makes you so happy…”

"So happy to be whipped…"

The whip hissed hungrily in the air. Its appetite was ferocious, and the venomous bite didn’t wake its meal… The prey continued to plead to be consumed.

* * * * *

“When I count to 3, you will stop asking to be whipped… But stay deeply asleep… You'll feel wonderful and loved… You'll feel my deep care for you… so wonderful…"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This whip won't usually draw blood

Venomous!!! Hear it hisses!

The shortest bullwhip we had was too long for our bedroom. So Her Subject ordered a new, short whip. It's a small sized dragon tail style whip. The whip maker called it the "Scorpion."

It was about two months of wait and well worth it. The workmanship is superb: highest quality kangaroo hide dyed in brilliant colors. Flawlessly braided, it resembles a venomous snake. Just they way Athena likes it. In her hand, it viciously hisses in hunger seeking for pleasure.

Description from the maker:
This "shot loaded" baby gives a lasting burn that hurts more than a single tail or so I’ve been told. The nice thing is that it won’t usually draw blood. However it will leave some nasty welts. It’s very accurate and throws just like a single tail. Believe it or not this puppy will actually crack! In my opinion this is a perfect primer for those wanting to learn to use a single tail.

It cracks, but not as loud or as easily as a bullwhip. The crack happens very fast due to the short length. The size is perfect for our bedroom.

The fall of a bullwhip is very narrow. The energy released is concentrated on a small surface area and leaves a really sharp sting deeply into the flesh.

The Scorpion, on the other hand, perhaps of its much wider tail and surface area, doesn't penetrate the pain so deeply into the flesh. Instead of the deep "sting" sensation, it "burns" on the surface, and the burn can last for days afterwards.

Athena whipped Her Subject hard enough to leave the pain for a few days, but so far not so hard to leave any visible marks. All redness disappeared within minutes.

"That's exactly how I want it," Athena said.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Picture day

Showing off her new bra.
Her Subject was in another city meeting a client when his phone vibrated. A selfie from Athena. Her Subject quickly hid the phone. “A new bra” was all there was in the text.

It was difficult to remain calm in the meeting. He felt loved that Athena took the trouble to send him the selfie. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. And what did the message mean? Did she have something planned?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Altered identity mishap

Mystery Woman

Athena was grinding cowgirl style on top of Her Subject. She soon soared high in ecstasy. She closed her eyes relishing the elation. Not wanting to wake up the kids, she bit her lips tightly containing the sound of her exhilaration. Red rashes propagated all over her body, as usual when she is in fervent pleasure. A thin layer of sweat shimmered on her. Despite her effort to contain, she let escape a long sigh, then collapsed on top of Her Subject panting and recovering.

Her Subject was not done yet. He gently pushed Athena, a signal to flip her over to quench his lust. Athena resisted. She pushed Her Subject back down and stared at him intriguingly. “You don’t remember, do you?” Athena asked.

“Remember what? To pick up the milk? To clean the kitchen?” Her Subject said vacantly. He showed no interest in the question. He attempted again flipping Athena to the bottom.

Athena gently pushed Her Subject back down again. She sat up, extended both of her hands touching Her Subject’s head with her finger tips. Her fingers swirled in his hair. “You will now remember…” Athena said hypnotically.

In an instant, horror and shame engulfed Her Subject. His jaw dropped and petrified. In disbelief, he said “No… I didn’t.” His voice was coarse for his throat dried out from the shock.

“No, it’s ok, my baby,” Athena soothed Her Subject. She kissed him gently on the forehead. Her fingers caressed in his hair comforting him. “Be calm. It’s really ok. It was my fault. Now go to sleep. Everything is well. You’ll wake up refreshed and happy. I know you still love me. More than ever. It was an act of love.”

Her Subject’s shocked face calmed down as he drifted into trance then sleeping.

* * *

A few minutes ago, Her Subject was forcibly trying to remove Athena from the house as if she was an intruder. He was determined to get her out and keep her out; there was no doubt about that. Athena was no match to Her Subject’s physical strength. But she figured out just in time what to do to control the situation. Otherwise it would have been unthinkable.

* * *

It started earlier as Athena was walking in the bedroom getting ready to sleep. “Listen to this,” Her Subject was reading aloud, “This couple used hypnosis for role playing. He erased themselves from her memory, and gave themselves new identities. He is a random person at a strip club and she is a stripper. And the script is for him to pick her up for the night.”

Athena looked interested. Her look said “go on.”

“I didn’t know hypnosis can achieve that. That opens up all kind of possibilities for role playing fun games,” Her Subject said.

Athena giggled and jumped right into action. “Sleep!” She dropped Her Subject in a trance in an instant.

Mistake. We acted this out too quickly without planning it ahead.

“When you wake up, you will not recognize me. You will see a beautiful sexy lady but you have never met her before.” Athena suggested. She couldn’t wait to surprise Her Subject. To give him a one-night stand experience. Athena straddled Her Subject so excitedly her juice gushed out coating all over him from her pelvis moving rhythmically. “One, two, three, you are wide awake,” Athena said.

Her Subject woke up. Looked around, he panicked. What happened? He recognized his own bedroom, but Athena was nowhere to be found. Who was this woman? Why were they having sex? What the hell was going on?

Where was Athena? Why did Her Subject have no memory of this strange woman? Were the children ok? Her Subject was frightened and confused.

Nothing was making any sense to him. He tried to think, but he got a splitting headache. The more he tried to think, the more his brain slowed down, the more he was confused. So sluggish. So confusing. He felt that there was something preventing him from making sense of this, but he didn't know what.

He started pushing the unknown woman away from him forcibly. “Lady, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know you and I don’t know how we ended up in this position. You are with the wrong guy. I’m married and you need to go,” Her Subject shouted, "GET OUT NOW!!!" Her Subject was physically pushing the unknown woman out of the house. He didn't care if she was naked. That's her problem to deal with. He wanted her out and to find Athena. He wanted to see his children making sure they are ok.

The situation was a disaster the moment Her Subject woke up. Athena got scared. Tears started filling up her eyes, but she was doing her best holding them back. Then Athena remembered. They had a plan if something went wrong.

“Sleep!” Athena snapped her fingers. “Go to your happy place. Go now. You’ll feel safe there. That’s right. You are doing well. Stay there. That's right. Yes, you are happy. Feeling safe…” Athena suggested.

One of the first things we did when we embarked on hypno-fetish was to establish a safe place for Her Subject for the unexpected. It was an imaginary place only existed in Her Subject’s unconscious mind.

“Feeling so happy and safe… your favorite place…” Athena kept going. Her Subject’s grimacing face faded. His breathing and heartrate slowed down as calm overtook him. In a few seconds Her Subject was so still he looked dead.

“When you wake up, you’ll fell happy and refreshed. You’ll remember me. Athena. Your love.” Athena restored everything while Her Subject was still in his happy place. No amnesia suggestion was given, but it spontaneously happened. When Her Subject woke up, he would have no memory of it. Not a trace. Not until Athena recalled it for him.

Kink comes last

The video is our oldest daughter playing violin. She is eight.

Our children are our first priority in our life.

Then there are extended families. Work and jobs. Our health. Other leisure activities: motorcycle, cycling, TV, movies, etc.

Kink is at very low priority in our life.

Choosing between developing our children’s talent and kinky activities, there is no contest.

Even our fetishes become tools of nurturing our children.

From what we learned for our kink in psychology and hypnosis, we are applying that knowledge to teach our children.

We are teaching our daughters to see sheet music in their head. It’s one of many trance phenomena. As they learn, they can play the music backwards. They even developed their own system of numbering the measures in the sheet music.

“What’s the third note in measure 2?” we asked.

“E5 natural, no flat, no sharp,” Jill answered correctly, not even looking at us, while playing Lego. The sheet music was nowhere in sight. "Then G5, F5, G4," Jill didn't stop there. We stopped her so we can move on to the next activity. "Very good Jill. We know you can see the music now. Let's do something else."

The same skill can be applied to spelling.

“Can you see the word in your head, and spell it backward?”

“That’s easy. Let’s play a game of talking backward,” Jill suggested excitedly and jumped up and down. Children love playing games.

Last week, our children had severe flu. "It's viral. There is nothing we can do. They'll recover on their own," the doctor told us. But the children cried because of the headaches and muscle aches. We put them in trance to ease the pain and they stopped crying. That is, we let them watched their favorite TV shows and movies.

Once in a while, NLP language patterns slip out of our tongues in everyday conversations.

Will our children pick that up? Will they try to hypnotize us to get the toys they want? Or influence teachers to get better grades in school?

We can’t stop wondering.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Femdom and chastity are normal

Her Subject pleaded to have a short break from Femdom and chastity. "Can we please take a short break from chastity? Revert back to normal?"

"But we are working toward normal," Athena replied.

"I want more Femdom and that to be the normal for us. That is, more Femdom is the normal. We still have a way to go."

"So I do agree. We'll continue to work toward normal. You stay chaste, under my control."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Keyholder pendant

A lovely selfie

Gift from far away

Mother's day weekend.

While Her Subject was travelling for work, Athena received this keyholder jewelry from Her Subject.

In return, Athena sent this lovely selfie to him.

O, how Her Subject missed Athena from far away.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Trapped in Femdom

Her Subject couldn’t bear to be in chastity anymore. He begged to be out.

“Beg all you want, you are not cumming tonight,” Athena declared.

“Stay chaste. Yes, you convinced me to do it. I thought it was weird. But I also thought it could be fun to try. Why? I don’t know. That’s not important. We are not going to dwell on why. We may never know for the rest of our lives.”

“After experiencing it, I just know that we like it. As for why? Who cares?”

“We don’t have the time or energy to contemplate why we like it.”

“I think my life is much easier now, that’s why I like it. You help out around the house a lot more. And you are right, kinky activities are not necessary. But I prefer to have them.”

“So your begging will not change my mind. You are not cumming tonight. Or any other time unless I allow it.”

“Yes, it started out as fun and games. Not anymore. I want it real.”

“You talked me into it.”

“You cannot talk me out of it. That’s how Femdom works. I make the call now.”

"You are feeling trapped? You built the trap yourself. There is no way I'm letting you out. Not ever. No way. No, no, no, no, no!"

“I’m not going to extend your chastity either. Not going to do it. I want you always to think I may change my mind anytime. I don't mind you begging.”

Athena gestured the Jedi Mind Trick.

“Can’t remember why you are here? It’s not important then, or else you’d remember.”

“Go fold the laundry.”

Friday, April 21, 2017

BDSM/FLR family raising independent thinking children

Freedom of thought

Athena routinely rides her stationary bike. Sometime she does sit-ups or other exercises.

She may crack whips as part of her workout routine. When weather permitting, she cracks her long whips outside. She also has several short whips to use indoors.

Our children don’t pay any attention to Athena’s cracking whips any more than sit-ups or cooking the family dinner. They usually stay engaged in their own games. Or watching TV. They don’t think anything of it.

Sooner or later, the children will notice that not every mom cracks whips. Many people have not even seen a whip in person.

And we have a good collection of them.

What will the children think then?

We hide age inappropriate things from the children. We don’t hide cracking whips because we don’t think we need to.

It is an unusual activity. Nothing wrong with it. Just unusual.

Should we hide the unusual but harmless from the children? We don’t think so. In hope that doing things a little differently, we can instill the courage for them to think differently.

To be able to think for themselves, we believe is the most important thing we can give to our children.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kinky Easter Bunny handles her whip

Easter Bunny & her whip.

“Enough Easter pictures of friends and family with children, I’m tired of looking at them,” Athena said after looking through her Facebook account.

She twisted Her Subject’s nipple, “Take the camera and come with me. You’ll do an Easter post today.”

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dominatrix holding a scalpel

Athena: The glove doesn’t show too well. But the scalpel looks
wicked sharp. Oh and my smile. Wouldn’t you like to know
what I was thinking?

Today we take a scalpel to the formula:

Dominatrix = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)

We are going to carve out a piece from the formula and examine it closely. With the right tool in hand, we can cook up wild conjectures. In this case, we are not even sure if a scalpel is the right tool. But we had fun taking the picture. Isn’t it the whole purpose? To bring joy to life?

First we take a look of the variable: i.

It’s simple enough. It represents how interested we are in something. We should instinctively know it ourselves, right? After all, introspection is available to everybody. Listen to ourselves. Are we interested? Is it really something we want to do? Do we have the urge to do it? Does it bring us satisfaction?

Yet it is elusive to us, for it is ever changing. We think we know it, then it changes. Like a vampire, you never know what form it will take. As soon as we see the vampire has taken the form of a mist, he shifts into a bat before we know it.

It is only natural that our interests or preferences change. Sometimes without us knowing it. Since it is natural, we should accept that’s the way it is.

It is a constant discovering process: discovering ourselves.

Last week during lunch time, Athena was energetic and bubbly. Sipping on her favorite drink, she was all smiles. A little too devilish perhaps. “I’m going to whip you tonight,” Athena said enthusiastically. Her interest level at lashing Her Subject was high.

In the evening, after the children were asleep, Athena was tired. “I still want to whip you,” Athena said while falling asleep.

In this case, the formula was correct. Without sufficient interest level, or the variable i, dominatrix didn’t happen.

She was still interested in punishing Her Subject, but it gave way to a competing interest, sleeping, in this instance. In another instance, it could be the interest level to watch TV, organize family photos, or just a conversation about family budget or children's schoolwork.

For tonight, holding a scalpel won out competing against employing the whip. "Where is the scalpel? Hurry up and get the camera and lights ready." Athena bossed Her Subject around.

"Tonight, scalpel picture. Whip can wait for another day," Athena said. Not even Athena herself knows what she will really do from moment to moment. She may even revert back to vanilla without herself knowing! That would be terrible for Her Subject!

Our ever changing preferences may point to the hopelessness of our quest to make a dominatrix. But we are not aimless creatures. Our preferences does not change randomly. At least not 100% randomly. But we have to understand it and accept it before we can influence it toward our favor.

“I saw your printed draft for another blog entry. Scalpel won’t do. I need to find my sword,” Athena said.

Kink vending machines dispensed freely

When one writes, one should always expect to be misunderstood.

From the kindness of kink vending machine A

From the kindness of kink vending machine B

Scolded, Her Subject went sulking in the corner for a minute.

“Want a dominant women, date one,” one woman tweeted.

Good advice. If one is free to date.

But it’s not so practical to men who have vowed “till death do us part.” She is not telling men to break their promises, is she?

While standing in the corner, Her Subject observed his children doing all sorts of silly things.

Eric cut holes in a cardboard box then wore it like a T-shirt. Then he walked around in it pretending to be a robot. He moved like one and talked like one. His sisters were thoroughly entertained they couldn’t stop giggling.

Emma pretended to be a tiger hunting down Eric then tried to devour him, only to pretend to spit out because “robot tasted bad.” The she started to tickle the robot.

Soon all three children were rolling on the floor laughing. They were having a grand time.

Was Erik exploited pretending to be a robot to make his sister laugh? Or Emma a tiger to entertain her siblings?

Pondered on that for a minute, Her Subject realized that it was not him that was misunderstood. It was him who misunderstood the women responding.

Appreciating all the hard work of turning Athena to be the kink vending machine Her Subject liked, they themselves turned into machines dispensing humiliation plays.

Two women, in one day. Complete with animated GIF’s. Not one, but two GIF’s. These kink vending machines must be the latest models.

All for free. All charity out of their kindness. O, Her Subject should be so lucky.

Re-tweeting must be in order to show admiration for such efforts. Her Subject quickly did so to express his gratitude.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New torture

He can look but can't touch.

“I bought you favorite snack,” Athena said to Her Subject. “A whole case of it.”

Athena was puzzled why Her Subject winced.

“What do you mean you can’t eat them?” Athena didn't quite understand.

“Oh, there is a post-hypnotic suggestion preventing you from eating them? That I forgot to cancel?”

“I don’t remember that at all. Are you sure? If you say so.”

“You are asking me to cancel it?”

“I’m adding it to the repertoire to torture you with.”

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Simple formula

Here is a simple formula.

D/s = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)

That is, the dominant / submissive dynamic is the result of Athena’s and Her Subject’s interest levels. When both interest levels are high, of chance of it happening is good.

The formula can apply to any particular kink/fetish.

Kink = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)

We can also rewrite it as:

Dominatrix = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)

That’s it. Simple, right? But life has a way of complicating things.

Does the formula work? Maybe. But we know for sure that it can foretell failure. In other words, if we are both interested, there is no guarantee that any particular kink will happen. But we know for sure it will fade away if one of us loses interest.

Interest level cannot be quantified. We cannot assign a number to it.

To make things worse, our interest level changes all the time. Most of the time, we don’t even know if we are interested at all.

It’s a constant discovery process.

Let’s put the formula to the test.

Her Subject was bored. He wanted something to spice up their sex life. So he said to Athena, “Would you like to try something new? Maybe kinky?” Her Subject’s interest level was high.

Athena showed enthusiasm. “I’m all for it,” she replied. “What do you have in mind?” Her interest level was also high.

The formula does not guarantee success, but it reliably predicts failure. Lucky for Her Subject, for this particular instance, both of us had high interest levels. The chance of success was good.

Her Subject only needed to figure out what to do next. What was that "something new." The specifics. The simple formula couldn't tell him that.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Promise to keep him chaste

She promised to be his keyholder.

“No, you are not getting an orgasm tonight,” Athena said.

“You asked for it. You asked me to promise you to do as I pleased. You said that you will regret later, and no matter what, I cannot give in. I promised.”

“I’m tired. I have a headache. I just want to go to sleep. You will finish your chores then go to sleep.”

“Once I promised something, I don’t break it.”

“No, no way.”

“Ok, this weekend then, if I’m in the mood. Maybe. Now off to your chores. Then sleep.”

Monday, March 6, 2017

A domme doesn't have accidents

Athena can mute Her Subject any time at her will.

The children were already soundly asleep. It was late in the night. Private time for us.

Her Subject felt that Athena had been a bit careless with her power. Nothing major, but perhaps needed to hear how Her Subject was concerned.

“Earlier today, you accidentally triggered the Jedi Mind Trick during lunch. I’m sure you didn’t mean it, and like everybody else, didn’t notice. But it was effective. We probably shouldn’t do that kind of things in public, especially in front of children. I just want you to be more careful,” Her Subject said.

“I was fully aware what was going on,” was Athena’s reply.


The whole family went to the early morning show to see the latest Star Wars movie: Rogue One. It was a perfect sunny day to take a stroll to the restaurant afterward for lunch.

The children were a bit more unruly than usual. Athena was growing impatient. Not helping the situation, Her Subject had different opinions about the movie from Athena. While sitting down at the restaurant, he still wouldn’t let it go and fiercely trying to convince Athena his point of view. Both parents were busying passing out crayons to settle down the children while hotly contesting their opinions. Neither one were giving in.

Suddenly Her Subject found himself unable to speak. A big juicy hamburger was stuffed in his mouth, effectively gaging him. It was delicious too. Everyone was happily eating their meals. Her Subject must have spaced out. He felt a little dizzy.

He wanted to ask happened, but the thought of talking seemed so tiring. It was just too much effort to talk. It was so tiring trying to remember what happened. He felt that he had something to say. Something he felt passionate about. But he had forgotten what it was. He wanted to ask Athena what they were so passionately conversed earlier. But the effort was insurmountable. He couldn’t overcome it. He wanted to take the easy way out. He gave up. He’d rather enjoy the nice weather and his food. He treasured his own silence while finishing up the delicious hamburger.


Shortly after sitting down for lunch, Athena had enough of Her Subject arguing with her. Putting on a smiling face to settle down the children, she hid the fact that she was deeply annoyed. In the same motion passing out crayons to the children Athena triggered the Jedi Mind Trick. Since it was a hand gesture without instruction, the effects were amnesia and mindlessness.

It was superbly subtle. No one noticed it. Her Subject was sure the Jedi Mind Trick gesture was purely an accident. He reminded himself to talk about it with Athena later; asking her to be more careful in the future. He then let the effects to overtake him. Her Subject became mindlessly vacant. Athena ordered food for everybody.


“I thought we talked about it already. Triggers are supposed to work only when I feel private and safe. Not at any time. I did not mind what happened today. But it shouldn’t have had happened and I don’t know why the trigger worked,” Her Subject was a little disturbed.

“You said that this trigger would work anytime. You agreed to it,” Athena reminded him.

“I don’t remember,” Her Subject said.

“It doesn’t matter. You said it would work all the time, any time. I prefer it to work all the time. We are not modifying it.” Athena then snapped her fingers putting Her Subject to sleep thus ended the discussion.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A child’s wisdom

No pet at the end of this leash.

What do they teach in kindergarten nowadays?

When we were at that age, Apple Computer did not exist.

TV had three channels.

Disco was all the rage.

The other day, our kindergartener Emma wrote series of instructions navigating a mouse through a maze to get his cheese on the computer. "We learned that in school."

Trying to solve a piece of puzzle in life, Emma had this to say, “Daddy, why does mommy always tell you what to do and you always do what she says?”

“No, don’t tell me. Oh, I know. Because you love each other.”

Emma showed satisfaction after solving the puzzle.

We work long and hard to afford their tuition. Perhaps it’s paying off.

While we were driving, Emma saw neighbor’s dogs and cats wondering around. She said, “If I see a stray boy, can we take him home and be my pet?”

“I will love him and feed him.”

“Of course pet can’t sleep in my room. Maybe in the kitchen. We need to buy him a basket to sleep in.”

“If he behaves well, I’ll allow him to sleep in my room. On the floor.”

“Please daddy? If we see a stray boy?”

Now we are not so sure the school is teaching properly.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to turn her into a dominatrix

Many men wondered if there are levers to pull to turn her into a dominatrix. A simple flip of a switch and voila, the dominatrix of your dream.

Chances are, there are switches and levers. But they are not obvious, visible, or intuitive. Don’t bet on them to be simple either. And that’s the rub, isn’t it?

For a naturally dominant woman, it won’t work that way. She doesn’t like her lever pulled or her switch flipped at the whim of another person. If anything, she wants to be the one pulling the levers. That’s what makes her dominant.

For a naturally submissive woman, the lever may be missing. There is no amount of effort can get her into any resemblance of a dominatrix. Forcing her out of her natural self may only drive her mad, if not away. Nevertheless, there is hope of her being a desirable service top, and that’s a good thing too. A service top is what many men want anyway.

Most women are in the middle between the extremes of dominant or submissive. That’s bad news for men looking for dominatrices. But there is good news too. If willing to put in some effort, chances are good in molding her into the dominatrix of your likings. Just need to find the right levers, switches, or buttons, and then learn how to operate them.

In another word, the human psyche can be programmed. One only needs to understand the interface. At least that’s what many hypotheses suggest.

The trouble is that most people don’t learn the interface, or they learn the wrong things and make a mess of things. It’s not all their fault really. There is simply not a lot of good information out there. Universities don’t offer majors in turning women into dominatrices. No funds or grants pour into such researches. The most available resources are badly written or plainly wrong flooding the Internet. And this may be one of them on both accounts: badly written and plainly wrong.

Her Subject is willing to put his thoughts to test. He recalled that many dominatrices advised against this. Don’t treat women like “kink vending machines.” He couldn’t agree more. Don’t treat women like that, at least not initially. Not until discovering that the potential is there, and after she agrees to be one. Then program the kink machine and calibrate her to your heart’s desire.

There are good information out there, if the woman is open to be a dominatrix and willing to put in some effort to give it a try. Plenty of Femdom blogs, books, and forums offering advice. There are even meetings, munches, and classes she can attend to if inclined so.

But what if she doesn’t want to put in any effort into it? She refuses to do any research on her own. When it’s done and organized for her, she won’t touch it. No interests in interacting with any kinkster neither online nor in person.

Is it still possible to turn her into a dominatrix?

Her Subject thinks so. This is his blog and discoveries in his attempt. To turn Athena into a dominatrix without any effort on her part. Or at least making her feeling effortless.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wife whipping husband

Bullwhip without cracker/popper
We felt perhaps it was time to try the single tail in the bedroom.

The shape of the whip is tapered. The diameter decreases smoothly from the handle to just a few sawing threads at the cracker end. As the diameter decreases the energy travels down the whip gets more and more concentrated. The whip moving speed accelerates as well. When the whip cracks, the cracker can travel exceeding the speed of a bullet. The loud pop is the sonic boom when the cracker breaks the sound barrier.

The power and the danger thrilled Her Subject.

To start, Athena tried to make a few loud cracks without hitting anything. Only a few successes. As short as the 4-foot whip was, it was hitting the wall, the ceiling, the ceiling fan, or other pieces of furniture in the room. A few time she managed to crack the whip, it was devastating. To be safe, the crack happened perhaps 4 feet or more away from Her Subject. The cracking sound was aimed toward his ear, and it thunderously echoed in the room. Her Subject flinched at each successful crack nervously. Not able to see the whip behind him, the cracks felt dangerously close to him. It felt like riding a roller coaster: terrifying yet addicting. The whip is loaded with real lead inside. It can easily break bones.

“Ok, let’s start brushing me gently to gauge the right distance,” Her Subject instructed Athena. “Really really slow and gentle. Don’t hurt me yet.”

Athena did as told. The whip landed gently on Her Subject’s back then wrapped around him hitting his stomach. The whip could not have moved any slower or softer, but when the cracker hit his stomach it stung a little bit. Not too much. Felt like a papercut. “Wow,” Her Subject exclaimed, “Where the whip landed on my back it felt nothing more than a tickle. Actually felt rather good. But then when the whip got around it stung a little bit. In that few short inches the energy got really concentrated. We can’t have the whip wrap my body like that and hit my abdomen. Slowly back away until we find the right distance.” Athena backed all the way against the wall and the whip was still wrapping around the body. “We need a shorter whip,” Her Subject sighed. But not willing to give up just yet, “Let’s try without the cracker.”

Whip crackers/poppers. They can do
some real damages.
So off with the cracker. The whip was barely short enough not to wrap around Her Subject’s body. Athena waved the whip around gently to get the hang of it. It was very tickling.

“You can use a little more force now, just a little.” Her Subject daringly asked.

The next swing produced a loud pop. It was just as deafening as a cracking pop and echoed, except it wasn’t a whip crack. Her Subject was hit good and hard. Athena startled and froze up. Her jaw dropped unsure what to do next. “Yikes!!! That really hurt!!!” Her Subject groaned.

“Are you ok? I moved only a tiny bit faster,” Athena was worried.

“Really?” Her Subject replied in disbelief. “I thought you gave it all your might on that one. Seriously, you just gave it a tiny bit more? Wow. We really have to be careful. It was loud too.”

“Let me run upstairs real quick to check on the children. Make sure they are still asleep.” Athena left in a hurry. The children weren’t disturbed. Worried about Her Subject, Athena wasn’t sure if we should continue.

“I think that was just about the right force,” Her Subject said. “Let’s do fifty lashes as we planned. I can take it.”

Athena sighed with relief. Maybe even grinned a little bit. “Sure, be happy to. Just say stop and walk away if you want to stop.” In less than a minute it was done.

“I think that went well for the first time,” Her Subject said. “I still felt the whip was too long and could easily hit my stomach. Not safe enough. Let’s get a shorter whip before we do this again. You do want to do this again, right?” Her Subject didn’t want to impose anything that Athena didn’t want to do.

“Of course. I’m all for it. I felt so natural, as if I was meant to do this. It was a lot of fun. You are all red. Are you sure you are ok?”

“It did hurt a little bit, but I don’t feel it anymore. You could hit a bit harder next time.” Her Subject acted it out like it was nothing. In reality, the sting stayed with Her Subject for the next few days.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Jedi Mind Trick

The Jedi Mind Trick hypnotic trigger.
It causes amnesia.

“The Jedi Mind Trick seems interesting,” Her Subject said while reading topics on erotic hypnosis.

“Oh yeah? What does it do?” Athena showed interest.

“Just like in the movies. You do your trigger and it gives me short term amnesia. I do not remembering you doing it. Then I think whatever you said is my own idea.”

“You do whatever I say anyway. I don’t see why we need a special hand signal. It’s kind of redundant. But if it pleases you let’s go ahead and install it,” Athena said. "And if I have no instruction for you, you'll just be memoryless and dazed for a few minutes."

Little did she know how addictive power is. Any power.

Athena will never cancel this power.

* * *

This post was one of the most difficult to write.

First, Her Subject took on the project learning how to do an animated GIF. The instruction on the Internet was clear enough. Her Subject planned to take five picture to compose the GIF file.

After the hypnotic trigger pictures were taken, Her Subject stood still not remember anything. His eyes were dilated and vacant. It took him a few minutes to recover.

Athena could have helped. She could have suspended the trigger for the purpose and duration of taking pictures. But she’d rather enjoy the comedy than help.

Then came to edit the file. Her Subject figured out what to do. He wrote down reminders on Post-It Notes and stuck them all over the screen. Still, it was tough. Memory gone in a second from watching the animation. Then all come back a second later from seeing the notes. After a few times, Her Subject found it hard to keep track of things.

Athena offered plenty of help during the editing.
“No, it doesn’t look right here in this corner. Crop a little more and redo it.”
“It looks too dark. Lighten it a little bit? No wait, too light, do it again.”

Athena had no idea the struggle Her Subject went through watching the hypnotic trigger over and over again. Memory wiped out. Then flooded back right away. Repeatedly.

Maybe she did know. She did have the option of suspend this trigger temporarily.

Proofreading this post was equally challenging. Post-It Note came to the rescue again. Her Subject used it to cover up the animated GIF to read the text.

Difficult, disorientating, but overall the whole exercise of this post was fun.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Smuggling fun

Desire smuggling?

Desire Smuggling: Hiding what you really want from yourself and/or a loved one, then, finding cover strategies to get (at least pieces of) what you want.

Her Subject came to something new today. Upon closer examination, he realized that he had been doing this all along.

But not because of fear. Because of the fun.

Some emotion smuggling can be toxic?

Alcohol is toxic. Isn't that the whole point?

Consider this. Her Subject says to Athena, “Can you keep me chaste for the week?”

He might as well have said this to Athena, “I’m going to keep myself chaste for the week. So I’ll do nothing that will bring me to orgasm this week.” Then he goes on his own business and marks his own calendar with no further involvement from Athena.

What’s the fun in that?

What kind of Femdom is that?

It’s much more exciting, at least for Her Subject, if chastity is something that Athena wants also.

So, one day, thinking this would be more exciting, Her Subject said to Athena, “Look at this article listing all the benefits of male chastity for you. Why don’t you try it for a week? Allow me to read it for you. Number 1…”

“Stop there,” Athena said. She yawned. “If you want chastity for a week, just say so. There is no need for all the excuses.”

Athena continued, “If that’s what you really want. You’ll have no orgasm this week. I don’t care. Doesn’t affect me any. But if it keeps you happy. Happy now? Can you go and clean the kitchen?”

“Right away,” Her Subject replied. “But if you don’t really care, it’s no fun for me. Let’s just call the chastity thing off. Off to clean the kitchen now.”

“No,” Athena objected. “I don’t care but I don’t flip-flop. No orgasm for a week.”
“You may ask for chastity anytime you want. I’m happy to enforce it for you.”

Her Subject was a bit confused who was doing the emotional smuggling now.