Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


determined violinist
Our beloved Emma will perform on this stage for years to come.

Dear reader, thank you for suffering another rather ordinary entry. No wild tales filled with steamy sex. Just a note of proud parents who are eager to share their life to no one they know.

Our lovely Emma, just weeks shy of 6 years old, had her debut at our local university today. “I want to be a violinist and I never give up,” Emma told us with determination. “Then I’ll travel around the world performing. It’s going to be very exciting.”

Dear Emma, we will give you everything to achieve your dream.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Femdom Erotic Hypnosis FLR
Zip it. No asking for sex. No whining.

Hypnotic chastity can be really unbearable at times. Her Subject doesn’t quite understand the theory behind hypnosis, but it’s real enough. He can’t pleasure himself. His muscles and nervous system simply refuse to obey him; they take instructions from Athena. Her Subject’s sexual urges, as strong as they are, do not overcome Athena’s wish.

It was late at night. Athena was getting ready to sleep. However, Her Subject was having trouble sleeping. He was too horny. He was careful not to stand too close to the bed, for the bed was a hypnotic trigger luring him to sleep. He wanted sex, not sleeping!

“Can I please play with myself? I’ll do it on the couch and sleep there. It’ll be no bother to you. You’ll have your peace and quiet here.” Her Subject pleaded.

“You will never masturbate again. I will never allow it. Nothing can change my mind.” Athena informed Her Subject the latest decision.

Her Subject got more excited upon hearing the news. He was excited because Athena took a more dominant stance. On the other hand, he suppressed his excitement because he didn’t really want to encourage this type of behavior too much. He did the best he could to make a sad face. Then he pressed on trying to have sex tonight. “May I, please, have a hand job?”

Athena yawned and turned away.

“Please? I will not ask again for three months. I promise.” Her Subject started to negotiate. He was so horny he didn't care what he was promising.

That caught Athena’s attention. “Really? You would do that? You said it yourself and you are going to do it. Now fall deep sleep,” Athena hypnotized Her Subject. She pulled down his underwear and gave him two gentle strokes. “The hornier you are, the deeper you fall. That’s right. Fall deeper.”

“From now on, you will not express any sexual wants. Gone. You have lost the ability.”

Then Athena mumbled some more for a while but Her Subject’s conscious was not there to make out what they were.

“Now go to sleep naturally.” With that, Athena went to sleep.

Two strokes. That’s all Her Subject got. He did get a hand job, albeit an incomplete one. Too late to realize his mistake.

The next morning, Her Subject uttered “Last night wasn’t fair. That didn’t count as a hand job.” But that only happened in his own mind. No one heard these words. What actually came out of his mouth loud and clear was “I can wait longer in chastity.

"Done. Wait until next weekend." Athena quickly obliged.

Her Subject froze up stunned. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. A sense of panic took control over him. “That’s not what I meant,” he said hurriedly. He calmed himself down, focused, and tried the best he could to articulate clearly “I’m still horny and want a hand job.” But he could only do that in his own head. What came out of his mouth was “I want longer chastity.” He had lost control over his spoken words.

Her Subject was terrified, shocked, and extremely excited. He couldn’t ask for sex anymore. He carefully articulated his wish again clearly in his head, opened his mouth for a moment, but apprehensive of what could follow so he bit his lips tightly. He was truly speechless.

Athena nodded approvingly. “I know what you are trying to say but can’t. I much prefer you this way.”

“I didn’t think this kind of control is possible,” Her Subject said, still in disbelief. “That means you have to initiate sex in the next three months. I can only passively wait on you.”

“Oh, I never had any doubt that it would work,” Athena was full of confidence. “And the three months? No, it’s permanent."

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Great Matriarch

She holds us together.
Athena is the Great Matriarch of our family.

“I thought about the Great Matriarch you mentioned. I decided to take up your suggestion and strive to be one,” Athena said.

“I could have had a fancy title and a corner office, hired a chauffeur taking our children from activity to activity. A private tutor for each specialized subject. A nanny, or several, to tidy up the house and to take care of the children. I don't have to lift a finger. Or I could do all of these things by myself and forgo the time pursuing the corner office downtown.”

“Either way our children would be well behaved and well educated. Who’d know the difference?”

“You mean we do all the ordinary things all other parents do, and that would makes us great?” Her Subject thought it over.

Athena continued, “The Great Matriarch is the backbone of the family. She is the glue, the force, that holds everyone together. I want to drive the children to their classes. I want to read to them and sing lullabies with them. I want a strong family, and that requires a Great Matriarch, and that would be me.”

“The greatness of the Matriarch is not measured by the size of her paycheck, the price tag or number of exotic cars, or exclusivities of her vacations. We could have had all of that. We still can, as of right now. It was purposeful choices that we decided not to. I decided not to. The greatness of the Matriarch is measured by herself in her own terms. In my own terms.”

“She doesn’t belong to the kitchen. The kitchen belongs to her, among many other things.”

“Time in the corner office, more digits in the bank account, exotic cars, or exclusive vacations is busily dying, not living. Not when these are not her standards. A Great Matriarch lives according to her own standards. Mine. A strong family.”

Thursday, September 1, 2016