Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ruined orgasm

ruined orgasm

Her Subject didn’t know about ruined orgasm. Not until it he read it unintentionally on a blog. It was all a very strange thing to him. Ejaculation without orgasm? What is this witchcraft? Sounded highly improbably to him.

He did a little more reading, viewed a few videos, and showed them to Athena.

“Never knew such a thing” was Athena’s reaction. “I’m willing to give it a try. Just to find out if we like it or not.”

“Now fall to sleep…” Athena started to hypnotize Her Subject deeply. “That’s right… go deeper… deeper… obey me is pleasure…”

“Good boy. Now give yourself five ruined orgasms. You’ll clean yourself up and fall deeply naturally sleep afterward.” Athena watched for a few seconds and got bored. She left.

Her Subject did not expect this. He wanted to be played with, not to be left alone. A big disappointment. His body carried out her instructions submissively against his wish. He was catatonic the entire time; absent of all expressions. Her Subject was protesting inside, but no one would know. Not until the next day when he can wake up.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Picture day

lead shot loaded femdom whip
Athena and her 8-foot whip.

Athena enjoys her pictures taken. She doesn’t seem to care chastity much. Nor does she have a high sex drive. Whipping risks waking up the children.

When we are pressed for time or just plainly too tired but still want to remind ourselves of our FLR relationship, we take pictures.

It was only two seconds of effort for this picture.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Que Sera, Sera!

When kink is not high on the priority list, it can fade away.

It was late in the night. Athena just changed into her pajama coming out of the bathroom with a whip in her hand.

“Serious stuff first, then fun,” Athena grinned.

Her Subject was really excited Athena initiated kink without his prompting tonight.

“Jill is 7 now. Before we know it she will be 18. I want to go over college choices for her, living arrangement, and finance,” Athena said, “then I’m going to whip you just for fun.”

To play or to plan?
"♪ The future's not ours to see ♫"

 “Ok, let’s go over the options again,” Her Subject eagerly analyzed and summarily reported. At the end of the discussion, Athena was tired ready to go to sleep.

“I want all of our kids to attend the best University closest to us,” Athena declared. “I want the family to stay close.”

future university choice
Taking a stroll at a university campus.
"♪ Whatever will be, will be ♫"
“That’s quite ambitious,” Her Subject took a deep breath. “From last year’s data, Yale was easier to get in. I’d be happy with Yale. Or any other equally good schools. We should have a plan B. Or even look abroad. Cambridge and Oxford are equally good. Then there are these good schools in California…”

determined violinist
Our beloved Emma. We will have two
children in the preparatory program.
"♪ Que Sera, Sera! ♫"

"Oh, I got the e-mail today. Emma got in too. She'll be too studying violin with a university faculty," Athena interrupted Her Subject mid-sentence. "She is only 5. Probably the youngest one there. We should be proud. We have to find time for them. I don't know how we are going to find the extra energy, but we have to." Athena was yawning uncontrollably while finishing up her sentence. The conversation went longer than expected.

Her Subject was overjoyed upon hearing the good news. He was about to speak up again when Athena put her hand in his face, “They are going to the school of my choice. End of discussion. Now drop in trance and go to bed.” Her Subject obediently dropped into sleep. Athena had no energy left in her. She put the whip away and went to sleep.

Her Subject didn't get a chance to finish expressing his opinions. Then no kink nor sex.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Violin teacher

“It’s nice to marry someone who has common interest,” Athena said to Jill’s violin teacher. The teacher’s husband is a professor teaching music. He plays keyboard instruments. The teacher and her husband duet frequently tours the country performing.

“Oh, I didn’t marry him,” the violin teacher replied, “He married me.”

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hypnotic body

naked female
Can't stop staring...
She drains away all your thoughts...
Becoming mindless...

We borrowed the company projector to have some fun.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Athena and her 8-foot whip.

The bullwhips Her Subject ordered had arrived. Genuine Australian kangaroo hide and shot-loaded. Her Subject had to look up what that meant: actual lead pallets were stuffed in the whip.

Two different lengths of whips were ordered. A short 4-foot one for bedroom play, and an 8-foot one for Athena’s Halloween custom. “Now I need the rest of the outfit to go with it,” Athena said giggly.

“They are beautiful. Just the right shade of red I like. Scarlet color,” Athena said while examining her new toys. Then she gave them a couple loud cracks. They were deafening. “Awesome. The weight feels just right. The nylon ones were just too light. I really like the weight feels in these new whips. So easy to throw and crack. You said they are stuffed with lead?”
4-foot mini bullwhip

“Yes My Queen,” Her Subject replied.

“I like the feel of the heavier weight,” Athena said. “Now hide them away from the children. We’ll take some pictures later. I’ll practice when I have the time.”

Monday, August 1, 2016

Picture day

femdom bdsm
These whips are too long for bedroom play,
but are good for posing pictures.