Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Using FemDom power to have her vanilla time

What Athena liked was not expected.

She didn’t like Her Subject groveling around. Nor did she like him doing endless chores. Not a sex slave either, for Athena didn’t have a high sex drive. No romantic dinners, movie nights, or cuddling… “Move to your side of the bed and keep your distance,” Athena would say order.

hypnosis sleep
Snapping her fingers, "SLEEP!!!" Athena ordered.
“Would you like some pampering? Back rubs or bubble bath?”

“Waste of time,” Athena replied, “We don’t have a single minute to spare.” She meant spending quality time with our children. “Help them to be the best they can be,” Athena would say.
"Children need help with math."
"They'd like to tell you a story they made up today."
"The children miss you. You need to spend time with them. NOW!" She could be quite a tiger mom.

What Athena really liked, was for Her Subject to sleep, to leave her alone. In another word, to be her vanilla herself. To be a good wife and mom. Or the Great Matriarch, her own new goal. And if she had to hypnotize Her Subject to reject his requests or offerings, so be it.

Each night, Her Subject would read to their children and tuck them in. Then Athena would waste no time snapping her fingers gesturing Her Subject to sleep. Her Subject might have been chastised, days, weeks, or months. He wanted kinks, to be teased, to service Athena, or to have more sex. But he had no choice under hypnosis. He couldn’t even make a sound to ask. His body was not his to control.

Each night, while Her Subject immobilized in bed, Athena would busy herself with chores. Mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen, dishes, laundries, baking, making children’s lunches and snacks, or shopping for entire family’s clothes online. The tasks were endless. Athena rarely asked for help. She could and did occasionally, but not usually. She wanted Her Subject to sleep. Not to watch TV, surfing the Internet, reading, pampering her, or helping out chores. “Sleep.” Athena insisted on it, and she would not give up the control to make him sleeping.

“You work all day and need to spend the time with children. You are not getting enough sleep as it is. I want you to be healthy. When I want you to sleep, you go to sleep,” Athena said to Her Subject.

Going to sleep dutifully was incredibly boring. Being mind-controlled into doing it was incredibly kinky and exciting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Sometimes Her Subject got impatient that Athena was not getting more dominant. Sometimes he wondered if she was interested at all. Seemed Athena was content with vanilla life, and if without Her Subject’s constant prompting, the whole FLR dynamic would fade away.

Her Subject decided to gauge Athena interest level. He had been wearing a watch symbolizing his submissive status. “How about me not wearing the watch tonight?”

“You will fall in a trance at night, every night, forever. That’s weekdays, weekends, holidays, no exceptions. You stay in trance until the alarm clock goes off next morning. Keep wearing your watch,” Athena replied without hesitation.

She did like to be dominant, at least symbolically. But there had been no action. Or not enough to satisfy Her Subject cravings. He wanted to explore this further, “I read that some people feel guilty doing so?”

Athena nodded in agreement: “I do feel guilty. You’ll mop the floor tonight.”

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Missing appointment

Although Athena mentioned never to talk to Her Subject’s unconscious, but she did it again without amnesia this time. She just did it like the most normal natural thing. She didn’t even take her eyes off the iPad from shopping online when she put Her Subject deeply under hypnosis.

It was nothing kinky. It was an appointment Her Subject had forgotten the exact date, and she was wondering if the unconscious could retrieve the forgotten memory. Turned out Her Subject didn’t even make the appointment.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Unpredictable preferences

Her Subject could never be sure if Athena enjoyed any of the activities or just indulging him. And it could change from day to day. It was like if one had chicken for dinner one day and might want beef the next day. An activity could be a crave one day and a bother next. Some days Athena got annoyed when Her Subject asked to kiss her feet, and some days she got annoyed that Her Subject didn’t.

Her Subject gave up on guessing what would please Athena. Instead, he would propose activities that he himself would enjoy.