Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Friday, May 27, 2016

More time to attend the children

School semester ended. Summer break started. Daycare is not economical for us. But we still need help, so we hire a part time babysitter. With children staying home all day, Athena and Her Subject have to divert more attentions away from each other. Her Subject has this long list of sexual activities he wants to do, but he has to wait when chance allows it. For the next two weeks, we have to prepare our children for their upcoming music recitals and exams. Our two daughters’ violin playing, scratchily and out of tune, is absolutely delightful to their parents. If it means no private time between husband and wife to nurture their joy and talent, we are all too happy for it.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's fate

Athena sent these selfies from her phone. “You may use them in your blog,” she permitted.

“Thank you. Would you like to approve the entry? After all, it’s about you.”

“No,” Athena yawned and walked away.

Erotic Hypnosis
A snake's nature is to prey.

“That’s right, a snake. My Chinese zodiac sign. I have the hypnotic power. You are my fallen prey. It’s fate. Under my control is your destiny. Feel me squeeze out your conscious. It is my nature to consume your mind. Are you resisting? Please do. It only makes it faster. Go ahead and resist. Speed it up for me. You feel it going faster too? Of course you do. Melt into me. It is inevitable.”

Toying with the mind of her fallen prey.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Give up remembering

forgotten erotic hypnosis
Who took this picture? Puzzling.

Did he take the picture? Her Subject couldn’t quite recall. It was not a selfie, so he must have been the photographer. He knew he did it. But searching in his memory, he had no recollection of it. He thought he dreamed it. Yes, it was in a dream where he took the picture. A long time ago, before he knew her. But if he didn’t know her, then who was she? How was it possible? Was it a dream? He couldn’t be sure. It couldn’t have been a dream, for he was staring at the picture. Maybe he was still in a dream yet to be waken up?

Her Subject kept trying to remember. All he saw was a cloud of smoke. Forever beyond his grasp and disappeared as soon as he tried. Why was it so hard trying to remember something? Her Subject felt tiring trying to remember. So tiring. He thought it was just not worth the effort. Why was it so much effort? Was it really that important to remember? It was not important at all. Why would anyone care who took the picture? Why was he tired all of the sudden trying to remember? So tired and drowsy. Couldn’t he just leave the memory hidden? He would have been much happier to keep it hidden, right? If not, someone else would be happy to have the memory buried deep inside. But inside what? And who was that someone? Why was he feeling that someone? Who was there playing with his mind?

Her Subject got very confused. And he felt very tired trying to figure all this out. For what? He didn’t know. He thought it would be all better if he would just give up, and that’s what he did. He felt relieved. Leaving the memory hidden was liberating.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Two singletails

As Her Subject was coming home from work, he picked up the package containing the whips left at the door.

“Your whips are here,” Her Subject said as he was walking through the door.

Children were running around yelling and screaming. Toys were scattered everywhere. Athena was busy cooking dinner. “Oh, the whips? Two of them right? I need one for each hand. Just stash them in the closet,” Athena said.

“You don’t want to take a look?”

“No. I’m cooking. Put them away then set the table. Tell the children to calm down, wash hands, and get ready for dinner. Pour milk in their sippy cups. Wine for us? White or red?”

The singletails excited Her Subject, yet he was terrified too. Very mixed emotions. Athena’s disinterested reaction did comfort Her Subject a little bit. He hid the whips away and planned not to mention them ever again. He was not ready for the singletails. At least not for now.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Since the 9-tail whip was a big disappointment, Her Subject took it up upon himself searching for alternatives. There were plenty. Various paddles, wooden spoons, canes, floggers, and crops, etc. He presented his findings, but none of them appealed to Athena.

“Boring,” Athena yawned. This whole disciplining idea was in jeopardy.

There was one more option Her Subject hadn't shown Athena yet. He was hesitating. It was the Singletail: the most dangerous option. Improperly trained, it could cause serious injuries. It took a while, then Her Subject organized all the information and presented to Athena.

Athena eyes lit up. “That is really cool.”

“But also the most dangerous,” Her Subject injected.

Athena didn’t answer back vocally. But her body language did. She wanted them, but this was not a decision to be made lightly alone.

“I found some inexpensive nylon singletails on Amazon. They are in stock. We’ll get them in two days. How about you start practicing with these in the backyard. If you like them, then we can order real leather bullwhips. We have all the safety gear for you to practice: hat, helmet, leather jacket, chaps, gloves, and eye protection.”

Athena giggled. “Remember it was all your idea. I don’t need any reason to whip you. Agreed?”

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Her Subject had to go on a business trip. On the evening before, Athena hypnotized him in the bed. She sat next to him, gently caressed Her Subject’s face, and whispered “Deeper… deeper...” repeatedly. Her voice was tender, and although she did her best to contain it, sadness seeped out in her tone. She was going to miss him terribly. “Deeper, deeper...” Athena wished they didn’t have to be apart.

Her Subject’s heart ached. He wanted to embrace her tightly, to tell her comforting words, and to make her feeling alright. That was all but impossible. Bound by Athena’s spell, he could only lay there like the dead. Sorrowful “Deeper…deeper…” echoed, but they weren’t echoes. "Deeper... deeper..." No other words. That was all Athena's mood allowed. "Deeper... deeper..." Each echo only sent Her Subject deeper into the abyss.

Some time passed. Athena collected herself the best she could. “You see a door labeled ‘Ambition.’ Go ahead and enter. Think all the objectives you want to achieve. Set your priorities. Organize all your plans. There is a desk and some file cabinets. Then can help you. Use them. Go and make a kill.”

“Upon concluding business each day, you will head straight back to your room. You will be asleep before 11:00pm. Prior to sleep, you will carefully plan out the next day. You will be efficient and achieving.”

“When you are ready, you may go to sleep naturally.”

Her Subject departed before dawn. While away, he couldn’t bring himself to stay at bars with his colleagues. After each dinner, he excused himself and retired early. During the days, he was refreshed, clear thinking, and efficient. He was out there to provide for his family. Athena and their children were always on his mind. Without them, he'd have no one to provide. He wanted the job well done, and he could hardly wait to see his loving family.