Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


We had company at dinner.

“Athena, what’s going on? You are treating him like a pet.”

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Picture day

Dear sufferer reader, please forgive Her Subject for his lack of creativity.
nude HypnoDomme pocket watch
How many times can the same pocket watch picture
be re-taken?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tickling whip

The whip arrived.

Femdom whip
Waiting impatiently with her whip.

Her Subject was eager to have Athena to use it. Neither of us knew if we’d like it. But we had to wait. Dinner, bathing the children, music lessons, spelling, and readings needed to be done first. After the children were in bed, then laundry, dishes, and picking up children’s toys all around the house. We were lucky to have energy left by the end of the night. 

Femdom bdsm whip
Strip! On your knees!

Her Subject asked Athena for pictures for the blog, and she was happy to do it. She never read this blog, though both of us liked to review and critique the pictures. Athena will be forty soon. She giggled when she saw the pictures. Her Subject generally arranged background to be uncluttered, but he was too tired to rearrange furniture. On the right side of the picture was an indigo nursery rocking chair with an infant blanket draped over the armrest. No longer used for nursing, Athena would sit Her Subject in the chair if she wanted to hypnotize him deeply.

Athena would whip Her Subject without hypnosis first. She would gradually increase intensity until Her Subject called it stop. Athena didn’t want a complicated safe word system. She thought it would kill the mood. Her Subject was not under any constraints. "Safe words are silly. Just get up and walk away when you had enough. Or just say stop.” Athena said. First she lightly brushed the whip against Her Subject for a little tease. Then Athena gradually increased intensity. It was not before long Athena was hitting Her Subject with all her might that she was huffing and puffing. However, the whip was a big disappoint. It didn’t even leave a mark. Her Subject was sad. Feeling cheated.

Athena was coated with a thin layer of sweat from swinging the whip which made her skin shimmered a little bit. She retired and said “Lick me!” Her Subject was happy to obey. “Your butt bounced and jiggled when the whip hit you. It was very sexy.” Clearly Athena was turned on. As Her Subject was enjoying her scent, she lightly whipped his back. Whip! Keep licking! She enjoyed the power it symbolized. It tickled.

At least Athena liked to use it. We had fun taking some pictures too. Her Subject felt better that the whip was not a complete waste.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Better photographer

Athena sent this selfie a while back
delaying orgasm release date.
Athena was supposed to take the lead. Her Subject initiated the picture taking endeavor. It felt as if Athena was simply complying with his wishes. He wanted Athena to take control.

So Athena answered. “Remember before we were married? We were dating long distance? All the revealing selfies I sent to reel you in? Yes, they were beautiful weren’t they? I’m a better photographer than you are. I ordered a camera remote control. I’ll take selfies, and you may take additional pictures. You may use the pictures in your blog.”

The feeling of initiating this photography project changed to submitting in an instant.

“I don’t suppose you changed your mind about reading the blog?”

“No. I don’t intent to read it.”

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Taking pictures

On a lunch date, your humble servant talked to Athena about this blog. She never read it but told your servant “It’s a good hobby.” Your servant asked to have more pictures. He didn’t really want it to burden Athena, so he was ready for a “No” answer.

So shiny… You can’t help but keep staring at it…
feeling sleepy… give yourself to me… obey…

Athena not only agreed but was also enthusiastic about it. Later that night, after your servant read to the children and tucked them in, Athena was already dressed readily for the photo shoot. She looked incredible, which ached your servant severely from chastity.

Your servant was doing his best containing his panting from seeing this devilish creature. “I didn’t realize this project is making chastity much worse. I’m aching for you. Sometime I do regret terribly about this whole chastity thing.”

“Shut up and take the pictures!”

In dim poor lighting and in a hurried fashion, most pictures were blurry or unflattering. Athena didn’t want these to be published. However, we planned to have picture taking regularly as part of our sexual repertoires. By chance we happened to capture a good moment, it would make its way to this blog.