Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Vanilla Female Led Relationship and Femdom

I was interested in a D/s relationship, me being the dominant, more so than hypnosis. The whole idea of hypnosis was to hypnotize Athena into a kinky sex bot. But that was not how it turned out. First, I couldn’t hypnotize Athena. She hypnotized me. Second, I found it difficult to manage dominance while being hypnotized.

I thought me being the bottom would also be fun, so I started my research. I didn’t find books or Internet to be very helpful. Whatever I wanted to do, it had to take up almost no time. In the BDSM culture, the scenes looked very time consuming. However, FLR, or Female Led Relationship, looked promising. I thought there were a lot of little things that could take up almost no time but kinky in nature.

By this time, I knew Athena was very open to new ideas, so I had no trouble bringing FLR up to Athena. I didn’t have to explain too much. She got the gist of it in minutes.

“Well, I think it would be a good idea. It sounds like it would make my life easier. But I’m skeptical on what we can do about it. I mean, what actionable items we can do.”

“Your whole paycheck already goes to me. The credit cards are under my name.”

“When we go out, you carry the diaper bag.”

“You do chores late into the night. We both do. I cannot add anymore to you.”

“I mean, you don’t even watch TV. When was the last time the TV was on for you? Take a minute and think.”

“I can’t remember. Can you? When was the TV on for you?”

“I hate protocols. They get in the way. Open doors for me? No. We both agreed we open them for the children first. Especially car doors, for safety reasons. You know it’s quite a project to seat all the children in the car. It would be silly for me to wait while you seat the children. What if it’s raining? Should I wait in the rain while you take care of the children?”

“Permissions to leave table? What if we are in a restaurant, and I’m in the bathroom, and the children also need to go? They can’t wait. Our youngest is still in potty training.”

“You are not going to cook. You have to work.”

“Sure, I’d like to be pampered. But when do I have to time? Or you? I don’t want to make time. The trade-offs are not worth it.”

"Wait a minute. Now I think of it, besides the kinky stuff, what's the difference between FLR and what we have?"

We were already in FLR without trying? Or knowing what it was? Vanilla favored FLR? Is that a thing?

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