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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Child size violin
Our oldest child who just turned 6 a few days ago has been learning music at a decent pace. We met a violin teacher at a kid's birthday party when our daughter was three, and she started violin lessons shortly. Few weeks ago, we took her to a University near us for an audition, and she got accepted. It's a non-credit program designed for children. We've met our shares of violin teachers, and this one really sets herself apart from the others. Her playing is so beautiful with the most silky voice and intense passion. Stories of battling soldiers or tragic romance flow out flawlessly from her violin. We couldn’t be more thrilled when our daughter was accepted to be her pupil.

However, this violin teacher is not without reservations. She confessed that she really has no experience teaching beginners nor children. It’s only going to be on a trial basis for the summer semester. After that, then we can decide if this is the best for everybody, and if our child is better off with another teacher.

It’s a long commute to the University. It takes out half a day for the lesson. Our second daughter, is learning music at an even faster pace than her older sister. How are we going to find the time? What about our youngest child? Should we start to look for a place near the University?

Whatever left in our near non-existent private time and sex life will be even less. It’s a choice we are happy to make.

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