Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My wife the hypnotist

For the next several weeks, I did whatever I could to free up some time to practice hypnosis on Athena. Thinking all the blow jobs I’d be getting, I was highly motivated. I tried and tried, I could not get Athena into the state of hypnosis. The most defeating comment was when she told me my garlic breath from dinner was very distracting. Not only I’m incapable at doing hypnosis, but I also have bad breath. Very discouraging.

We never had much of our own private time. I felt the time was wasted in chanting hypnotic inductions to no avail. We really could have great sex instead. I didn’t think it’s the best use of time. I felt defeated.

I needed a different approach. Maybe if Athena learns how to hypnotize me, she can learn to be hypnotized. So I asked her to try it. She has seen me doing plenty to know what to do by now.

Her first try was interrupted by kids waking up from their nap. But we got lucky a few days later. Our kids took another nap, and we had done all the chores. About 45 minutes into it, I felt my eyes fluttering. She did it. She hypnotized me. I already had a script for installing an instant trance trigger, so we don’t have to go through lengthy inductions again. Not ever. Athena installed the trigger in me. She counted up to 10 to wake me up and tested the trigger. I slumped lifelessly in no time.

I was ecstatic beyond words. It is possible. Hypnosis is real. We can make it work. Now I just have to wait for my turn to hypnotize Athena. She is going to be my ultimate sex slave.

The kids were going to wake up soon, and we needed to cook dinner. So we ended the session without thinking too much about it.

This was the defining moment that I would be under her spell, probably forever. Neither of us knew that then.

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