Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How it all started

It was back in June, 2015. Our oldest daughter just turned 6 a few days ago. Our two other kids were 5 and 3. For the past several years, by choice, our life had been revolved around kids. We gave very little time to ourselves as husband and wife. Between work and kids’ activities, we were always sleep-deprived and exhausted. I missed the spark in the bedroom, but still wanted to put kids to be our highest priority. We said to ourselves, just a few more years, when the kids are more independent, then we can have more private time to ourselves.
Whatever sexual craves I wanted, it had to be satisfied to just a few minutes per week. That's right. A few minutes. Per week. My wife and I didn’t have a lot of private time for ourselves. That’s the choice we made, so our kids can have better lives. The alternative is that we could park the kids in front of the TV and make it easier for ourselves. It’s not a hard decision for us to make.
I searched and read porn on the Internet to fulfill my sexual desires. Actual sex was too time consuming and exhausting for both my wife and me. Often we masturbated independently without each other.
I can’t remember what I was searching on, but I ended up purchasing Look Into My Eyes: How To Use Hypnosis To Bring Out The Best In YourSex Life by Peter Masters. Thus it began.

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