Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Less time for us

2015 summer was very vanilla. Actually, worse than vanilla. Work related travels plus no school/daycare wore us out. Athena was not on birth control. Sex was not frequent. We mostly masturbated by ourselves without the other present.

The University violin teacher had only two young students including our daughter, both six years old. The others were in high school and college. The teacher accepted our daughter so she could learn how to teach children. Toward the end of the summer, we learned that the teacher took the other six year old pupil, travelled with her to top music conservatories, met with the best. We felt left out. Granted, we probably couldn’t make the travelling arrangement, but it was upsetting that it was never offered to us. Clearly favoritism. Athena was in foul mood all week. Then a week later, the teacher expressed her wish not wanting to teach our daughter anymore.

Despite the teacher’s rejection, the University wanted to keep our daughter, so another audition was acheduled with another faculty member. During the audition, our daughter was accepted within minutes.

In the next lesson, the new violin teacher told us that she has signed up our daughter to participate in a string quartet. It’s a separate program in the University. “Being able to read music is a requirement to be in that program. I know your daughter has been learning by ear. I told the quartet coach that your daughter is a fast learner so she could be accepted. It’s four days away from the first quartet practice. Let’s start working on reading music,” the violin teacher said.

Wow! Such a believer in our child’s talent. She told us about the string quartet after the fact, and got our daughter in without meeting the requirement. We could turn it down then, but we decided to proceed on the spot.

That meant two days out of the week comminuting to the University. We’d be having even less energy in our private times. We might have to reduce our sex frequency, to, once a month? Or even less? We decided to do what’s best for our daughter.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Pop quiz 2

One scare didn’t deter us from hypnotic amnesia. To keep it from getting out of control, we limited the Pop Quiz game to only one or two questions per game. However, besides Pop Quiz, we couldn’t get any other type of amnesia to work at all. Such as totally blank out a certain time period. Or to forget a post-hypnotic suggestion.
Even though we couldn’t get other type of amnesia to work, Pop Quiz technique worked spectacularly well. We discovered Pop Quiz worked on actions too. Athena had always enjoyed a comedy show, more so than sex. My responses from these suggestions really made her laugh:
  • Do you know how to speak any language?
  • You are so thirty. So thirsty. Do you know how to drink?
  • Do you know how to pee?
  • Do you know how to fuck?
  • Do you know how to masturbate?

Pop quiz

I continued working on hypnotic amnesia. I thought we’d start with something less ambitious. Such as a suggestion that I would forget something only for a moment. So we tried Pop Quiz as described in the book MindPlay. “When I ask you a question, your subconscious would hide the answer only for a moment, or until we stop playing the game.”

I taught Athena the script and how I wanted to be hypnotized. She hypnotized me, then told me to open my eyes and start to talk.

“Ask my name,” I said to Athena. So right after she asked, my name disappeared from my memory. I could not bring myself to say it. I hugged Athena, jumped up and down in joy screaming “It works!!! It works!!!” Athena smiled in amusement. “Keep going, ask me more.” Then we tried the names of various objects and furniture in our room. Then our kids’ name. Our home address. We kept going for more questions for the next few minutes. Then Athena tried a more daring question, “Who am I?”

I froze up and started to tremble. I was overtaken by fright all of the sudden. I looked around, not recognizing the place, nor this nice lady sitting in front of me, nor my identity. I was asked so many questions rapidly that I was experiencing almost total amnesia.

I collected myself the best I could, and barely made out these words to the person in front of me, “Help… me...” I was truly terrified of the idea if she couldn't help me. I wanted to curl up and cry.

She reached out to me, held my hands. “Game over. Your memories are back.”

My memories flooded back. I hugged, squeezed, and kissed Athena to no end.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Funny faces

“I wrote this script. Would you do it for me?” I said to Athena. “For the rest of the night, you’ll be a brat. You will try to resist everything I tell you to do. The more you resist, the stronger urge to do what you are told. Your urge to resist is so strong, you will make faces showing your resistance. Of course you will not be able to resist, so you will make faces. As soon as you make faces, your face will freeze for five seconds.”

Athena laughed out loud. “Sure, I’ll make you do it.” After reading the script, Athena started barking orders at me.

“Sit here next to me. Now to go the corner. Bring me water. Walk from side to side. Sit. Stand. Clap. Stop clapping. Move here. Move there. Raise your hand.” I did make faces, and froze all my contorted expressions. She finally stopped when her stomach was hurt from laughing. My facial muscles were sore.

“Once is enough. I don't want to go through this again, and I think it’s only funny the first time,” I said.

“Your facial muscles are sore? Mine too. From laughing.” Athena replied.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hypnotic bondage

I had tied up or hand-cuffed Athena in the past, but never myself. I can’t quite figure out how to hypnotically tie up Athena, she being the hypnotist after all, I had no choice but to get myself immobilized. Athena wasn’t sure how to do it. “Let’s start simple,” I said. “Your arms and legs are tied, stretched spread eagle on the bed.” As Athena repeated after me, it happened. She proceeded giving me a hand job. It was quite intense; I was moaning, squirming, breathing hard, and my heart was fast from all the excitement. But shortly I was uncomfortable. The “hypnotic ropes” were too right around my wrists and ankles. I was also feeling the ropes pulling and stretching me too hard. I did not expect this. There were no ropes. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Everything was happening in my head. How could this be?

I complained to Athena. “Try this,” I said, “You are complete frozen from the neck down.” Again, it happened as Athena repeated after me. My heart was still fast, I was still breathing hard and moaning, but no more squirming. I was completely stiff from the neck down. This was weird, I thought. “I want to squirm around, but my body is not listening to me.” I said to Athena. “Really?” replied Athena. She was very excited and amused. “Now clap once,” Athena said. My body dutifully did it. “Really? You have to do what I say?” Athena laughed hard for a few seconds before continuing the hand job. In a few minutes, I complained again. “My muscles are getting really sore being so stiff so long. I want to try something else. How about I’m paralyzed from the neck down? Like a ragdoll? Then I can relax a little bit.”

Enthusiastically, Athena said sure and paralyzed me from the neck down. Ahhh… I sighed from relief. Catching between my breath, I barely made out these words to her “This feels… really… good… It’s… so… weird that… I can’t squirm around… this is powerful… stuff…” Athena’s eyes sparkled up and grinned naughtily a little bit, “You are totally paralyzed now.” With that, it happened. My moaning stopped and looked asleep. I heard Athena chuckling, very much amused of what was happening. I was still aware of everything went on. Athena continued stroking me. I was very excited, wanting to moan, wanting to squirm around, but my body was not acting to any of my intentions, but only to Athena’s.

I don’t remember if we talked much afterwards. I think I looked into Athena and said “that felt really weird,” and she nodded in agreement, then we both went to sleep.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Her voice

Athena never read anything on hypnosis, watched YouTube videos, or any other educational material on hypnosis. I had been the one doing all that, and I never really taught Athena anything in depth. There never seemed to be enough time. I was always eager to do things. So I told her what to do with minimal explanation to save time. For recreational purpose, I think this suits both of us fine.

When I asked Athena to hypnotize me the first time, I briefly mentioned to her to develop a hypnotic voice. “Just so I can differentiate from normal talking voice. Probably will make suggestions more effective, and probably safer in keeping you from accidentally trancing me.” That’s all I said to her. Took only a few seconds.

She naturally started with a voice that was firm and a little deeper than her normal talking voice. Not too much, only a little bit deeper. I could sense her skepticism in her voice. She really didn’t know anything about hypnosis, except from TV and movies. I sensed her doubting this whole hypnosis thing. But she did what I asked, part for fun, part to please me, and part to satisfy her own curiosity.

I’m writing out of chronologically order here. In about 6-7 months of time, her voice grew from firm to authoritative and full of confidence. From a doubter, now Athena expects my subconscious to fully obey her. She has stopped using inductions altogether. She expects me to drop in trance instantly upon hearing her hypnotic voice. It pierces right into my subconscious and takes over.

I asked Athena about her voice the other day. She said, “When you mentioned that voice could be important, I was confident that I could put you under, the very first time. I once had a job right out of college that I was paid for my voice. Your falling in my control was inevitable. Now your subconscious belongs to me. I have more control over it than you. You no longer have free will.”

Athena didn’t know what she said about free will is not true. But that’s irrelevant. It was this kind of confidence and naivety about hypnosis, I think, that made her effective on me. I never had it. I shot myself in the foot in the first few sessions in saying things like “I don’t know if this will ever work. Let’s give a try.”

I often ponder, was it inevitable that Athena is the hypnotist, and I’m the subject? Was it all encoded, hardwired in our psyches, that only now is manifesting itself?

Monday, January 25, 2016


In our hypnotic play, so far anything involved motor functions worked great. However, we couldn’t get anything else to work. Such as amnesia, sensations, personality changes, hallucinations, or any other hypnotic phenomenon. I was eager to get amnesia to work. I thought it would be really cool to have a post-hypnotic suggestion that I didn’t remember, and it would surprise me later on. But no matter on how I tried phrasing, sudden change of conversational subject, or any other techniques I could find on the Internet, I couldn’t get any of them to work. I always remembered hypnotic suggestions given.

So I went back to the book Mind Play, and it suggested a book Hypnotic Amnesia by LeeAllure. I went to her website and downloaded some free files. Her suggestions had very strong effect on me. Then I bought some files with amnesia suggestions. Similar results; motor function suggestions worked well but nothing else.

Hypnotic Amnesia was not published in June 2015 (It is published now). So I thought it was time for professional help. With three young children running around the house, I don’t think I would ever get a chance to have an online session with Lee. Independence Day holiday was coming up, and I found she had an opening on July 3rd, so I signed up. I went to my office when on one was around, made sure Skype and camera worked. It was a good time for a session.

Lee was a very nice person and I really enjoyed her style. The entire session was very hazy. I remembered it, but not very much. Maybe that’s just how it works. I remembered some hypnotic deepeners in the beginning, then some encouragements in eventual success in achieving hypnotic amnesia. Perhaps she had amnesia suggestions, but I wasn’t sure. It was not total blank out, but rather very dream-like with much of the details missing.

I would definitely want to see Lee in person someday, or go to one of these hypnosis conferences that Lee attended, but I didn’t know when. We would have to find time off work, arrange and pay for baby sitters, travelling expenses, among other things. We'd have to wait.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Our daily routine

In the morning, I was ready to go to work just when Athena and the kids were about to get up. Sometimes they were still asleep.

I didn’t get home until dinner time. After dinner, I helped the girls practice violin, singing, and piano. Then I gave the kids bath, read to them, and worked with them on spellings and sometimes Spanish. Then I tucked them into bed. While I did all that, Athena would be cleaning up dinner table, doing the dishes, laundry, and whatever chores needed to be done. After the kids were tucked into bed, I would start helping Athena with her chores.

Weekends were spent procuring food. For our kids’ health, we took a long drive to get food directly from a farm. And there were our oldest child’s violin lessons at the University, which took half a day out. We also wanted to take the kids to the park or out riding bicycles. Then there were occasional home repair projects or friends’ visits.

We usually finished all the chores late into the night. Most of the time Athena and I both just wanted to go to sleep. There would be no energy left for sex, let alone anything kinky. Sometimes Athena would masturbate while she was in the shower. I would masturbate right before I go to sleep. We tried to have sex together whenever we could, but it was not very often. We accepted it because it was our choice to be this busy.

Knowing Athena was open to kinky activities whetted my appetite. I needed to relieve Athena from some of her chores so she would have more energy in the evenings. I knew she’d like that.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Newbie mistakes

One Sunday after noon, our girls practiced violin exceedingly well. All fifteen minutes of highly concentrated effective practice, each. So I allowed them to watch Sunday afternoon cartoon.
While the kids were glued to the TV, I eagerly grabbed Athena into our bedroom trying some hypnotic suggestions I came up with. Nothing sexual. Just general beginner stuff. In our previous experiments, our children’s presence should always bring me out of trance. So we were not particularly concerned if they interrupted us. So I asked Athena to freeze me like a statue, for what purpose I couldn't remember. Our oldest daughter snuck into our room unexpected, saw me like a statue, and thought it would be funny to give me a shove. I didn’t see our daughter nor heard her, so I never woke up. I heard Athena screaming “NNNNNOOOOOO” but didn’t really know what was going on. Then I felt I was losing my balance, but I couldn’t move. I fell exactly just like how a statue would. Ouch. Hitting the floor brought me out of trance. I fell on soft thick carpet, so nothing serious. I started laughing and grabbed both Athena and my daughter onto the floor and we all busted out laughing. When it was private again just between me and Athena, she added “from now on, you will always be able to move to maintain your balance. But only necessary movement to keep balance and no more.”
Some other funny movements:
  • One of our early post-hypnotic suggestions, I came up with something like this for Athena to read to me: “This evening, after the kids are asleep, you will take a shower, and then look for me. When you see me, you will freeze and wait for my instruction.” So after my shower I went to look for Athena. When I saw her, 12 feet away, I froze up. She was surfing the net, back against me, so she never noticed me. I totally forgot to include instruction to dry and cloth myself. So I was dripping wet naked standing there for I didn’t remember how long. When Athena finally ran out of patient waiting for me and turned around, she realized what had happened. She couldn’t stand up straight from laughing.
  • She forgot to wake me up from hypnosis one evening. We were both so tired so we went straight to sleep. The next day, coming back from the grocery store, while I was putting away the groceries, I said “I feel sleepy. I could use a nap.” She said, “Sure, take a nap.” I fell promptly on the kitchen floor. I heard “Doh! Oops!” followed by laughter.
  • On several occasions while we were having hypnosis fun, all the sudden she remembered the clothes dryer needed to be turned on, or she felt cold/hot and wanted to me to adjust the thermostat. She totally forgot to tell me to come back. So I was stuck in the laundry room or in front of the thermostats until Athena realized her mistakes.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I’m the subject

My enthusiasm for hypnotizing Athena gradually weaned away over the next several weeks. We never had much time to play. I didn’t want to waste our precious private time on boring hypnotic inductions. They weren’t working on Athena anyway. After repeated failures, inductions became really boring. It’s so easy to hypnotize me with my instant trigger, which is a lot more fun. I could always plan out scripts for Athena do things for me, or to me. It was not long before I stopped trying to hypnotize Athena completely. I was simply too lazy to learn to do it right.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Testing first hypnotic trigger

The instant trance trigger was still working the next day. Both of us were happy about that. But the trigger was cumbersome and hard to use, because we designed it that way to prevent accidentally triggering it. We made several modifications to make it easier.

The trigger would only work “when safe, in our bedroom, when I feel private, and time appropriate.” We tested it when the kids were running around, in different areas of the house, and in all conditions we can think of. We even tested when one of my foot was inside and other outside of the bedroom. The trigger only works when I’m completely inside the bedroom. When I didn't feel private, such as when kids were running around us, the trigger would not work either.

Then I asked Athena, would the closet and master bathroom count as part of the bedroom? I thought they would, but she disagreed. So more testing. The trigger worked in both the bathroom and the closet. Lesson learned: it’s better to test as thoroughly as we can.

Did I mention that we never have enough time? The testing took less than one minute. It consisted of us walking around the house and using the trigger. If it worked, Athena woke me up immediately. It didn’t take long at all, and that was all the kink we could manage for the day. I had to prepare for a business trip flying out that evening. There was no time for me to hypnotize Athena.

When the kids were watching cartoons, I told Athena perhaps I’d like the trigger to work, someday, when we were out of the house on a romantic trip somewhere. So we modified the trigger to work in “any place when I feel safe and private,” and can work over the phone or text.

The next few evenings while I was in the hotel room, we tested the trigger and it worked to our satisfactory.

I finished my second book on hypnosis, Mind Play: A Guide toErotic Hypnosis in the hotel room. My imagination was running wild. I could hardly wait to get home to start practice hypnosis on Athena again. She was also eager to experience being hypnotized. She always had such a good adventurous spirit.

I wished that I had the courage to bring up kinks years ago, before we had kids and had tons of free time. I didn’t know Athena was so open to new ideas.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My wife the hypnotist

For the next several weeks, I did whatever I could to free up some time to practice hypnosis on Athena. Thinking all the blow jobs I’d be getting, I was highly motivated. I tried and tried, I could not get Athena into the state of hypnosis. The most defeating comment was when she told me my garlic breath from dinner was very distracting. Not only I’m incapable at doing hypnosis, but I also have bad breath. Very discouraging.

We never had much of our own private time. I felt the time was wasted in chanting hypnotic inductions to no avail. We really could have great sex instead. I didn’t think it’s the best use of time. I felt defeated.

I needed a different approach. Maybe if Athena learns how to hypnotize me, she can learn to be hypnotized. So I asked her to try it. She has seen me doing plenty to know what to do by now.

Her first try was interrupted by kids waking up from their nap. But we got lucky a few days later. Our kids took another nap, and we had done all the chores. About 45 minutes into it, I felt my eyes fluttering. She did it. She hypnotized me. I already had a script for installing an instant trance trigger, so we don’t have to go through lengthy inductions again. Not ever. Athena installed the trigger in me. She counted up to 10 to wake me up and tested the trigger. I slumped lifelessly in no time.

I was ecstatic beyond words. It is possible. Hypnosis is real. We can make it work. Now I just have to wait for my turn to hypnotize Athena. She is going to be my ultimate sex slave.

The kids were going to wake up soon, and we needed to cook dinner. So we ended the session without thinking too much about it.

This was the defining moment that I would be under her spell, probably forever. Neither of us knew that then.

Giles English

Looking back, I was onto something that Giles English had already published, but I didn’t know it back then. My idea was just forming, while Giles English already had it systematically worked out. The idea is that you can make femdom work when she is vanilla. You can read more about it by clicking here.

I had already got up the courage to ask Athena to try something different. In this case, hypnosis. It was time to put it into action. I needed a plan to make it happen. Athena is always sleep-deprived and exhausted from working and taking care of the kids. I needed a time slot when Athena was at a good energy level and free from chores and kids. I took the kids out to the park as time permitted to tire them out, so they’d go to bed early. I encouraged Athena to take naps while I was out with the kids, so she’d have more energy later on. It didn’t always happen as I wished.

Sometimes the kids played at the park for hours and still went to bed late. Sometime Athena wanted to watch a movie instead of trying hypnosis. But had I not planned to make it easy for Athena, she would have had no interests at all in doing anything kinky.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Child size violin
Our oldest child who just turned 6 a few days ago has been learning music at a decent pace. We met a violin teacher at a kid's birthday party when our daughter was three, and she started violin lessons shortly. Few weeks ago, we took her to a University near us for an audition, and she got accepted. It's a non-credit program designed for children. We've met our shares of violin teachers, and this one really sets herself apart from the others. Her playing is so beautiful with the most silky voice and intense passion. Stories of battling soldiers or tragic romance flow out flawlessly from her violin. We couldn’t be more thrilled when our daughter was accepted to be her pupil.

However, this violin teacher is not without reservations. She confessed that she really has no experience teaching beginners nor children. It’s only going to be on a trial basis for the summer semester. After that, then we can decide if this is the best for everybody, and if our child is better off with another teacher.

It’s a long commute to the University. It takes out half a day for the lesson. Our second daughter, is learning music at an even faster pace than her older sister. How are we going to find the time? What about our youngest child? Should we start to look for a place near the University?

Whatever left in our near non-existent private time and sex life will be even less. It’s a choice we are happy to make.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Think all the possibilities

If I can hypnotize my wife… I mentioned to my wife Athena about the book. She thought it would be fun too and encouraged me. She is so adventurous. I’m very grateful for that. So I began to make plans to have blocks of free time to practice on her. It proved to be almost impossible to make free time, since this is fairly low priority on our activity list. We were at the mercy when our kids go to sleep early. We had no choice but to wait until when that happens.

How it all started

It was back in June, 2015. Our oldest daughter just turned 6 a few days ago. Our two other kids were 5 and 3. For the past several years, by choice, our life had been revolved around kids. We gave very little time to ourselves as husband and wife. Between work and kids’ activities, we were always sleep-deprived and exhausted. I missed the spark in the bedroom, but still wanted to put kids to be our highest priority. We said to ourselves, just a few more years, when the kids are more independent, then we can have more private time to ourselves.
Whatever sexual craves I wanted, it had to be satisfied to just a few minutes per week. That's right. A few minutes. Per week. My wife and I didn’t have a lot of private time for ourselves. That’s the choice we made, so our kids can have better lives. The alternative is that we could park the kids in front of the TV and make it easier for ourselves. It’s not a hard decision for us to make.
I searched and read porn on the Internet to fulfill my sexual desires. Actual sex was too time consuming and exhausting for both my wife and me. Often we masturbated independently without each other.
I can’t remember what I was searching on, but I ended up purchasing Look Into My Eyes: How To Use Hypnosis To Bring Out The Best In YourSex Life by Peter Masters. Thus it began.