Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Programmed robot

Her Subject goes to sleep and becomes brainless robot
or a mindless drone when it's time.

First, Athena reprogrammed Her Subject's speech. He was forbidden to ask for sex.

A few days ago, Athena cancelled the programming.

It didn’t take long before his incessant whining for orgasms to start.

It was 2:00AM. Her Subject woke up from thirst. After a drink of water, he couldn't go back to sleep. He was simply too aroused. He kneeled on the floor, next to Athena, and gently whispered "Please allow me to. I desperately need to play with myself. This is too much to bear. No more chastity please."

Waking up someone soundly asleep at 2:00AM was never a good idea. Athena got angry. She suppressed her anger and said in a hypnotic and authoritative voice, "From now on, when it's time to sleep, you will go to sleep." She probably didn't think too much about the suggestion while in anger and half asleep. All she wanted was to be left alone. It worked.

Her Subject froze up trying to resist Athena's suggestion. But only for a fraction of a second before he failed. Unwillingly, his body moved quietly back to bed and evicted his consciousness.

The following night, Her Subject did his usual father duties of reading bedtime stories to the children. He tucked them in and kissed them goodnight. While walking out the children's bedroom, he suddenly fell into a trance and went to his bed sleeping.

Athena didn't specify Her Subject's sleep time. His unconsciousness took the liberty to make his own interpretation.

Her Subject probably would have faired better had he not asked for his freedom of speech back. He got too greedy. Asking release from chastity at the wrong time has its consequences. He lost control of everything. No more complaining, whining, or demanding.

Nor more watching TV, surfing the Internet, looking at porn, or anything else for that matter.

This went on for several nights. Some nights, Athena would wake him to do chores. After the chores were finished, Her Subject had no choice but to go back to bed. Like a programmed robot; he could not override Athena's instructions. All done automatically, without Athena snapping her fingers or barking the same orders every night.

That was no fun for Her Subject. He didn't ask for this. He was a bit angry. One evening shortly after dinner, he let it all out. His raised his voice, "Could you cancel the sleep time suggestion? I'm sure it was an accident. You didn't think it through when you said it. You didn't discuss it with me. I hate it. Also, on the Internet, I read that communication is important. I can't communicate with you when I'm sleeping. I think it's important that I can talk to you at all times."

"I like it. I want it to be like this forever," Athena said. "You don't have to sleep. You can do chores or sleep. I gave you the option to stay awake."

"I don't like it. Too restricting. Cancel it." Her Subject protested.

Athena signaled the amnesia trigger. "If you really have something important to say, you will remember. Otherwise you will simply forget to remember and remember to forget." This was Athena communicating to Her Subject's unconsciousness.

"I had something on my mind in the last several days that I planned to talk to you about at this moment. Weird. I just forgot everything," Her Subject confusingly mumbled.

"I thought it was important, but doesn't seem to be so now. Or else I would have remembered. It was probably nothing."

"So silly of me planning days in advance a conversation not worth having. I'm going to start cleaning the table. More wine before I put it away?"

Athena got her wish consented by his unconsciousness.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trust in me

We watched the Jungle Book with the kids.

“I like that song,” Athena said afterwards.

“Not everyone has power like this over their partner. The hypnotic power over their minds. I mean, not everyone is willing, or even know how to give control of the mind over to his partner.”

“It’s probably fate. I was born in the year of the snake. It’s only natural that I have this power over you. And you this gift to me.”

Athena started to sing the song softly to Her Subject. “Now go to sleep…”

Thursday, December 8, 2016

She granted Her Subject to speak freely

Amnesia rarely worked reliably. Her Subject always remembered afterward. Usually after a few short minutes. Perhaps a day or two later at most. On some other occasions, Athena gave the memory back shortly thereafter. Would he remember if she hadn’t given him back the memory? Who knows?

Hallucination never happened. Her Subject never saw anything changing color, disappearing, or appearing out of thin air.

Sensation play didn’t work either. “When I scratch my nose, your feet will feel tickled,” Athena suggested. “I didn’t feel anything” was Her Subject’s reply.

So when Her Subject said things against his own will, it was a thrill to both him and Athena. Neither of them could explain why something worked while others didn’t. Nevertheless they were happy to add this to their achievement list. 

It turned out to be the most agonizing and the most delicious feeling ever. However, it didn’t take more than a few days before he genuinely regretting it.
Zip it! No more whining!

Athena paralyzed Her Subject from the neck down. They gazed into each other lovingly. She caressed his body gently, moving her fingertips up and down. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, and a few gentle strokes. He was hard and aching for more. “Feels nice huh?” Athena whispered. “Yes” he answered in a panting voice, excited and breathing hard.

Athena smiled lovingly. “More?”

In his mind, Her Subject answered “Yes. Please don’t stop,” and that was what his gray matter sent out to his body to do. But somehow, the signal transmission got jumbled. The wires got switched in several places. In the short distance between brain and mouth the message got rewritten. A different instruction was received and executed by the vocal cord. “Please stop,” Her Subject answered. “More time in chastity is fine.”

Immediate realized what had just happened, Her Subject was quick to shout out “That’s not what I meant.” He concentrated in visualizing articulating each word clearly in his head “Please don’t stop. Let me cum.” After several rehearsals in his head, he felt confident enough to say what he really meant. He mustered all his might to speak as rehearsed, but his body simply refused to cooperate. “What I really meant was I want more time in chastity! A lot more!” was said.

His heart raced. His throat dried. That was not what he wanted to say. Her Subject had never been more frustrated. “No no no no no…” he cried, “I didn’t mean to say that either. You have to understand…” He pretended to sob, hoping to earn some sympathy points. He even managed to squeeze out a drop of tear. “What I really want is…” but he dared not to finish the sentence fearing what the actual said words would have been.

For Her Subject was such a bad actor, Athena started giggling. She enjoyed the comedic situation. Then Athena pretended to be sympathetic in response to his pretended sobbing, “Oh my poor baby, what do you really want to say? Go ahead, try again.”

His Subject lowered his head and kept making sobbing noise.

“Having trouble saying what you really want? Isn’t this what you really want? You asked me to do this. Remember?” Athena reminded him that the whole thing was his idea.

“I know I asked. But only for a while, not forever. Please make this go away. Cancel this suggestion. I don't want to bottle this inside. I want to be able to express my true feelings again. This is terrible.”

Athena gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. “Oh my poor thing. And you are right, the fun is wearing out. Now fall deep asleep. Yes, like that. Now go deeper, deeper… so relaxed and peaceful…"

Her Subject’s frown relaxed. He looked peaceful. He fell deeply in hypnotic sleep. In a few seconds his face became mannequin-like: calm, plastic, and expressionless. His conscious had gone away completely.

Athena continued "Now service me orally in your deep sleep… yes, just like that. So obedient. I cancel the suggestion forbidding you to ask for sex. You may speak freely after you wake up. For now, lick me as you fall deeper and deeper…”

Athena unlocked Her Subject.
He got his freedom of speech back.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Wife cracking whips

Athena ignored Her Subject’s request to have any protective gear. The whips have never landed on Athena. Not once. Perhaps she is meant for this. She is quite comfortable wielding two whips simultaneously.
She specifically bought this shirt to tease Her Subject. The graphic is an ornate skeleton key design. To remind them both that she is the Keyholder.

A nice loop was travelling down the 8-foot whip. A terrifying whip crack would soon follow. The loop was just about finishing unwinding on the short 4-foot whip.

This gives the perspective of the long whip length.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Athena hypnotized Her Subject to lose the ability to ask for
sex. Nor could he complain or whine. Any of them would
result in his own body asking to extend chastity time.

He was not silenced. Nor mind controlled. Not entirely. Only certain expressions forbidden. Censored? Neurally altered? Her Subject doesn’t have a word for it.

But it was real and frustrated Her Subject to no end.

Athena stepped out of shower naked. She looked heavenly. Her Subject uncontrolledly uttered in awe, “You are so beautiful,” but followed with “Extend my chastity more.” Immediately he panicked, waving his arms wildly in denying motion, “I didn’t mean to say that. Please understand.” He took a deep breath calming down, “What I really want is…” then fell silent. He didn't dare to finish the sentence. If he tried to ask for sex, the opposite would be heard. Athena had rewired him. Any expression of sexual needs would be changed to chastity wants. Not even silent hand gestures escaped her control. Her Subject neither could ask for sex, nor whine or complain for the lack of it. Any of them would result in his own body asking for more chastity.

Athena giggled. She was glowing because of her hypnotic power over him. “Oh I know exactly what you are trying to say. But you can’t, can you? Now concentrate hard and try again. Go ahead and try it. I do enjoy a good comedy.” Athena then danced seductively. Naked.

Her Subject laughed bitterly. He kept his mouth shut.

“Try to tell me what you really meant,” Athena encouraged him. “Try” implies failure. An elementary hypnotic trick.

Her Subject remained silent. He was at a loss for words.

Losing this much control of his own body was a terrible feeling. He was regretting the whole FLR or Femdom thing altogether, whatever it is called. The whole thing seemed to be a serious mistake. Her Subject was not enjoying it. Perhaps he was not the submissive he thought he was. But if he wasn’t, the whole hypnosis thing would stop working. It was very confusing.

Her Subject liked more interesting sex life. At least when it was going the way he wanted to be. He felt comfortable suggesting Athena what to do. Tonight was a little bit too much for him. Athena's hypnotic power frightened him. “I’m having second thoughts on this Femdom thing,” Her Subject said. “It sucks. I don’t want this anymore. Can we go back to how things were? Like a year ago? I want everything cancelled.”

Her Subject felt cold suddenly. He saw ice crystals grew around the room.
Athena’s glowing smile went dark in an instant. Her seductive dancing jolted to a very stern posture. Her icy stare banished Her Subject’s consciousness to oblivion. Frost spread out from Athena encircling the room. The sound of ice crystalizing propagated all around. “You asked for this. I changed for you. I put in the effort for you. Everything I do, you asked. No, you begged. Regret? It’s too late."

“I don’t want to be bothered now,” Athena said and put on her robe while leaving the bedroom. Just out of the door, her hand swirled, then made a pushing motion, “Go to sleep.”

Nobody touched Her Subject, but he was pushed and fell backward lifelessly onto bed into a deep sleep.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


chastity forever
Athena couldn't unlock this one.
We thank our daughter lending her favorite pillow for this picture.

Dinner was satisfying juicy steaks. The kids had already finished eating playing in their fairy tales on the rug nearby. The table had yet to be cleaned. Perhaps a little too much Cabernet, the world seemed to fade away. For now, it was just Athena and Her Subject. They were drowning in their own love. Their eyes fixed on each other passionately. Not a word needed.

It was a scene of husband and wife in love surrounded by adorable children.

Suddenly, a horrible thought struck Athena out of nowhere shattered the moment.

“What if something happens to me tomorrow?” Athena said softly, lips trembling a little. “Who will take care of the children? Who will take care of you? You must find somebody.”

“Please stop such thoughts,” Her Subject waved to deny. “Nothing will happen. We will see our children grow up accomplished. Then they will visit us. We’ll have nice dinners together. Just like now. The children will be around us. They’ll be grown up, and we’ll be old. But it’s going to be just as wonderful.” He approached Athena to give her a big strong hug.

“No,” Athena couldn’t stop her train of thought. “Please look into my eyes.”

Athena took a deep breath. As she exhaled, she sank into a deep trance. She became expressionless and catatonic, yet still loving and beautiful. Her hypnotic eyes captured Her Subject, pulling him in. They fell in a dream together. Hers.

Her Subject found himself in a deep blue ocean with Athena. The sun shined brightly above. The water was warm and calming. Holding hands together, they started to descend. A moment later Athena stopped falling, floating where she was. She let Her Subject’s hands go. “It’s ok, my darling,” Athena soothed Her Subject. “Please keep going for me. Go deeper. It’s ok. I’m here watching you and protecting you. Do this for me. Everything will be fine.”

Her Subject let go. He looked up watching Athena shrinking away. Darkness slowly consumed him. But he felt safe. He could feel Athena’s love around him. Sinking deeper and deeper surrendering. The deep water squeezed out very last air out of his lungs. As the air bubbles floated up, so did his very last consciousness.

“If I am no longer with you, I release you. You’ll be free. All of my bondages on you will be cancelled,” Athena declared.

Her Subject felt warmth in his heart. But he felt Athena’s skin turning cold. He thought he saw Athena swallowing tears. Without his consciousness, he was unable to comprehend what was happening.

“Why are you not letting go?” Athena whispered. “You don’t have to carry the bondages for the rest of your life. Let yourself be free.” Athena understood it but not wanting to accept it. “Why are you hanging onto them?” Athena was pleading.

She sighed. Athena took a moment to collect herself, then gently pecked Her Subject on the lips. When Her Subject came to, the table was already clean. Athena was busily doing dishes and he was vacuuming the floor. “Help Jill with her homework next. You are better at it,” Athena said to Her Subject.

“Athena was unable to undo her spell: the chastity,” Her Subject’s unconsciousness passed a note to him, "I won't allow it. I'm bound to her and only, until the end of time."

Friday, October 14, 2016


Star Wars birthday
A Star Wars fan, he wanted a
Chewbacca birthday cake.

Dear Eric, you are four years old today.

You are such a happy, joyful, and most importantly, a healthy boy. You are truly a gift from heaven, and we are very grateful.

You laughed and blew out the candle as happy as any four years old boy would. There is no scarring whatsoever on your skin. You are growing stronger and healthier everyday. It was unimaginable only a few months back.

Shortly after you were born, you exhibited an extreme case of eczema. Initially, your cheeks were just a bit more red than usual. Perhaps a minor rash, but we saw you in discomfort. You scratched incessantly. We tied little tiny gloves over your hands to prevent your fingernails breaking the skin. We hoped that it was only temporary and that was the worst of it.

But it wasn’t. The red rash started to spread. You screamed and cried constantly. Must be from the itchiness. Your mother held you tightly rocking you back and forth all night. She tried to hide it, but the swallowing of her tears was all too visible.

One day, when we put you in the car seat, you were peacefully asleep. It was a short five minute drive to the grocery store. In the store parking lot, when we opened the car door, we screamed in horror. You were covered in blood. The blanket was soaked in deep crimson. Your bloody palm prints smeared all over the seat belt and other parts of the car seat. Blood was literally oozing out of your skin. It looked like a murder scene. You must have developed high tolerance of pain then, for your face was so twisted but you were silently enduring it.

When our eyes met, you even managed to squeeze out a smile, as if you were trying to soothe us. “I’m really ok. Please don’t be sad for me. See, I’m smiling.” What a courageous boy.

We wished that was the only incidence, but it wasn't. We had to replace two more car seats because we just couldn’t get the blood stains out.

We took you to see a specialist and she needed blood tests. Your mother clinched my arm tightly watching vials of blood being drawn. She was trembling. We had doubts in your survival seeing so much blood flowing into tubes after tubes.

The test result showed that you had severe allergies to a list of things five pages long. That covered just about everything in the grocery store. “We can give you something to treat the symptoms,” the doctor said. “Nothing else we could do. Hopefully he will grow out of it.” We were outraged. We thought the doctor and the test lab were incompetent fools.

We took you to see another specialist. Then another one. Then another one. Five in total crossing three nationalities. They all gave us the identical verdict. The same five pages. The same "Nothing we could do. He will grow out of it" answer. Modern medicine wasn’t so helpful for you, our dear Eric.

While breastfeeding you, your mother would see all the needle eye marks on your tiny legs from the blood tests needed. She wept in silence. She had stacks of soft towels to clean the blood off your body, to keep your skin dry so it would heal.

We had to breastfeed you a little past three years old because you could eat little else. But you were always such as strong boy. Every now and then in your own bloody mess, you smiled back at us. Your mother’s eyes would get all moist.

The doctors were right. There was nothing they could do, but eventually you grew out of it. Systematically testing in small doses, we gradually crossed things off on the allergy list. Over time, the list shrunk from five pages to just two lines.

Just a few short months ago, you were still covered in scabs and blood. Now you smile so sweetly. Your skin is just as smooth and tender like any other boy of your age, as if nothing had ever happened.

Happy birthday, my son.

Friday, October 7, 2016

New necklace

Athena's new necklace. It possesses hypnotic power.
"Concentrate on your work."

“Look at this new snake necklace. I bought it specifically to take selfies for your blog. See the snake design, it's my Chinese zodiac sign. I’m destined to have hypnotic power over you.” Athena dangled the newly received toy from her hand.

A few days later Her Subject received this picture at work on his phone with a text message to hypnotize him. “Concentrate on your work,” the message suggested. Her Subject couldn’t help but to put the phone down right away and went to work. He was so focused he experienced time distortion. It felt like only a second, but several hours went by and it was already time to go home. Going over his to-do list, Her Subject found he was more productive than usual.

Without any formal training, we set the boundary of hypnosis to be recreational only. However, we didn’t see any harm in this particular instance. Her Subject was happy that Athena was a little daring in mixing business with pleasure.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Whip crackers

scarlet crimson whip popper
The loud pop occurs when the cracker exceeds
the speed of sound producing sonic boom.

Athena was practicing cracking whips in the yard. She came in shortly holding one whip to show Her Subject. The fall part of the whip dangled from her hand. The cracker was missing. Nothing said and Her Subject knew what was demanded.

Athena walked outside continued practicing with her other whip.

Is it called a cracker or popper? Her Subject doesn’t know. It’s the part of the whip that makes the loud noise, and it wears out fairly quickly. The loud pop occurs when the cracker exceeds the speed of sound producing sonic boom. Occasionally hits the lawn or ground while Athena practices, the cracker tends to break away and disappear.

It’s naturally Her Subject’s job to braid extra sparing ones. Scarlet color of course, Athena’s favorite color.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


determined violinist
Our beloved Emma will perform on this stage for years to come.

Dear reader, thank you for suffering another rather ordinary entry. No wild tales filled with steamy sex. Just a note of proud parents who are eager to share their life to no one they know.

Our lovely Emma, just weeks shy of 6 years old, had her debut at our local university today. “I want to be a violinist and I never give up,” Emma told us with determination. “Then I’ll travel around the world performing. It’s going to be very exciting.”

Dear Emma, we will give you everything to achieve your dream.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Femdom Erotic Hypnosis FLR
Zip it. No asking for sex. No whining.

Hypnotic chastity can be really unbearable at times. Her Subject doesn’t quite understand the theory behind hypnosis, but it’s real enough. He can’t pleasure himself. His muscles and nervous system simply refuse to obey him; they take instructions from Athena. Her Subject’s sexual urges, as strong as they are, do not overcome Athena’s wish.

It was late at night. Athena was getting ready to sleep. However, Her Subject was having trouble sleeping. He was too horny. He was careful not to stand too close to the bed, for the bed was a hypnotic trigger luring him to sleep. He wanted sex, not sleeping!

“Can I please play with myself? I’ll do it on the couch and sleep there. It’ll be no bother to you. You’ll have your peace and quiet here.” Her Subject pleaded.

“You will never masturbate again. I will never allow it. Nothing can change my mind.” Athena informed Her Subject the latest decision.

Her Subject got more excited upon hearing the news. He was excited because Athena took a more dominant stance. On the other hand, he suppressed his excitement because he didn’t really want to encourage this type of behavior too much. He did the best he could to make a sad face. Then he pressed on trying to have sex tonight. “May I, please, have a hand job?”

Athena yawned and turned away.

“Please? I will not ask again for three months. I promise.” Her Subject started to negotiate. He was so horny he didn't care what he was promising.

That caught Athena’s attention. “Really? You would do that? You said it yourself and you are going to do it. Now fall deep sleep,” Athena hypnotized Her Subject. She pulled down his underwear and gave him two gentle strokes. “The hornier you are, the deeper you fall. That’s right. Fall deeper.”

“From now on, you will not express any sexual wants. Gone. You have lost the ability.”

Then Athena mumbled some more for a while but Her Subject’s conscious was not there to make out what they were.

“Now go to sleep naturally.” With that, Athena went to sleep.

Two strokes. That’s all Her Subject got. He did get a hand job, albeit an incomplete one. Too late to realize his mistake.

The next morning, Her Subject uttered “Last night wasn’t fair. That didn’t count as a hand job.” But that only happened in his own mind. No one heard these words. What actually came out of his mouth loud and clear was “I can wait longer in chastity.

"Done. Wait until next weekend." Athena quickly obliged.

Her Subject froze up stunned. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. A sense of panic took control over him. “That’s not what I meant,” he said hurriedly. He calmed himself down, focused, and tried the best he could to articulate clearly “I’m still horny and want a hand job.” But he could only do that in his own head. What came out of his mouth was “I want longer chastity.” He had lost control over his spoken words.

Her Subject was terrified, shocked, and extremely excited. He couldn’t ask for sex anymore. He carefully articulated his wish again clearly in his head, opened his mouth for a moment, but apprehensive of what could follow so he bit his lips tightly. He was truly speechless.

Athena nodded approvingly. “I know what you are trying to say but can’t. I much prefer you this way.”

“I didn’t think this kind of control is possible,” Her Subject said, still in disbelief. “That means you have to initiate sex in the next three months. I can only passively wait on you.”

“Oh, I never had any doubt that it would work,” Athena was full of confidence. “And the three months? No, it’s permanent."

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Great Matriarch

She holds us together.
Athena is the Great Matriarch of our family.

“I thought about the Great Matriarch you mentioned. I decided to take up your suggestion and strive to be one,” Athena said.

“I could have had a fancy title and a corner office, hired a chauffeur taking our children from activity to activity. A private tutor for each specialized subject. A nanny, or several, to tidy up the house and to take care of the children. I don't have to lift a finger. Or I could do all of these things by myself and forgo the time pursuing the corner office downtown.”

“Either way our children would be well behaved and well educated. Who’d know the difference?”

“You mean we do all the ordinary things all other parents do, and that would makes us great?” Her Subject thought it over.

Athena continued, “The Great Matriarch is the backbone of the family. She is the glue, the force, that holds everyone together. I want to drive the children to their classes. I want to read to them and sing lullabies with them. I want a strong family, and that requires a Great Matriarch, and that would be me.”

“The greatness of the Matriarch is not measured by the size of her paycheck, the price tag or number of exotic cars, or exclusivities of her vacations. We could have had all of that. We still can, as of right now. It was purposeful choices that we decided not to. I decided not to. The greatness of the Matriarch is measured by herself in her own terms. In my own terms.”

“She doesn’t belong to the kitchen. The kitchen belongs to her, among many other things.”

“Time in the corner office, more digits in the bank account, exotic cars, or exclusive vacations is busily dying, not living. Not when these are not her standards. A Great Matriarch lives according to her own standards. Mine. A strong family.”

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ruined orgasm

ruined orgasm

Her Subject didn’t know about ruined orgasm. Not until it he read it unintentionally on a blog. It was all a very strange thing to him. Ejaculation without orgasm? What is this witchcraft? Sounded highly improbably to him.

He did a little more reading, viewed a few videos, and showed them to Athena.

“Never knew such a thing” was Athena’s reaction. “I’m willing to give it a try. Just to find out if we like it or not.”

“Now fall to sleep…” Athena started to hypnotize Her Subject deeply. “That’s right… go deeper… deeper… obey me is pleasure…”

“Good boy. Now give yourself five ruined orgasms. You’ll clean yourself up and fall deeply naturally sleep afterward.” Athena watched for a few seconds and got bored. She left.

Her Subject did not expect this. He wanted to be played with, not to be left alone. A big disappointment. His body carried out her instructions submissively against his wish. He was catatonic the entire time; absent of all expressions. Her Subject was protesting inside, but no one would know. Not until the next day when he can wake up.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Picture day

lead shot loaded femdom whip
Athena and her 8-foot whip.

Athena enjoys her pictures taken. She doesn’t seem to care chastity much. Nor does she have a high sex drive. Whipping risks waking up the children.

When we are pressed for time or just plainly too tired but still want to remind ourselves of our FLR relationship, we take pictures.

It was only two seconds of effort for this picture.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Que Sera, Sera!

When kink is not high on the priority list, it can fade away.

It was late in the night. Athena just changed into her pajama coming out of the bathroom with a whip in her hand.

“Serious stuff first, then fun,” Athena grinned.

Her Subject was really excited Athena initiated kink without his prompting tonight.

“Jill is 7 now. Before we know it she will be 18. I want to go over college choices for her, living arrangement, and finance,” Athena said, “then I’m going to whip you just for fun.”

To play or to plan?
"♪ The future's not ours to see ♫"

 “Ok, let’s go over the options again,” Her Subject eagerly analyzed and summarily reported. At the end of the discussion, Athena was tired ready to go to sleep.

“I want all of our kids to attend the best University closest to us,” Athena declared. “I want the family to stay close.”

future university choice
Taking a stroll at a university campus.
"♪ Whatever will be, will be ♫"
“That’s quite ambitious,” Her Subject took a deep breath. “From last year’s data, Yale was easier to get in. I’d be happy with Yale. Or any other equally good schools. We should have a plan B. Or even look abroad. Cambridge and Oxford are equally good. Then there are these good schools in California…”

determined violinist
Our beloved Emma. We will have two
children in the preparatory program.
"♪ Que Sera, Sera! ♫"

"Oh, I got the e-mail today. Emma got in too. She'll be too studying violin with a university faculty," Athena interrupted Her Subject mid-sentence. "She is only 5. Probably the youngest one there. We should be proud. We have to find time for them. I don't know how we are going to find the extra energy, but we have to." Athena was yawning uncontrollably while finishing up her sentence. The conversation went longer than expected.

Her Subject was overjoyed upon hearing the good news. He was about to speak up again when Athena put her hand in his face, “They are going to the school of my choice. End of discussion. Now drop in trance and go to bed.” Her Subject obediently dropped into sleep. Athena had no energy left in her. She put the whip away and went to sleep.

Her Subject didn't get a chance to finish expressing his opinions. Then no kink nor sex.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Violin teacher

“It’s nice to marry someone who has common interest,” Athena said to Jill’s violin teacher. The teacher’s husband is a professor teaching music. He plays keyboard instruments. The teacher and her husband duet frequently tours the country performing.

“Oh, I didn’t marry him,” the violin teacher replied, “He married me.”

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hypnotic body

naked female
Can't stop staring...
She drains away all your thoughts...
Becoming mindless...

We borrowed the company projector to have some fun.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Athena and her 8-foot whip.

The bullwhips Her Subject ordered had arrived. Genuine Australian kangaroo hide and shot-loaded. Her Subject had to look up what that meant: actual lead pallets were stuffed in the whip.

Two different lengths of whips were ordered. A short 4-foot one for bedroom play, and an 8-foot one for Athena’s Halloween custom. “Now I need the rest of the outfit to go with it,” Athena said giggly.

“They are beautiful. Just the right shade of red I like. Scarlet color,” Athena said while examining her new toys. Then she gave them a couple loud cracks. They were deafening. “Awesome. The weight feels just right. The nylon ones were just too light. I really like the weight feels in these new whips. So easy to throw and crack. You said they are stuffed with lead?”
4-foot mini bullwhip

“Yes My Queen,” Her Subject replied.

“I like the feel of the heavier weight,” Athena said. “Now hide them away from the children. We’ll take some pictures later. I’ll practice when I have the time.”

Monday, August 1, 2016

Picture day

femdom bdsm
These whips are too long for bedroom play,
but are good for posing pictures.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Using FemDom power to have her vanilla time

What Athena liked was not expected.

She didn’t like Her Subject groveling around. Nor did she like him doing endless chores. Not a sex slave either, for Athena didn’t have a high sex drive. No romantic dinners, movie nights, or cuddling… “Move to your side of the bed and keep your distance,” Athena would say order.

hypnosis sleep
Snapping her fingers, "SLEEP!!!" Athena ordered.
“Would you like some pampering? Back rubs or bubble bath?”

“Waste of time,” Athena replied, “We don’t have a single minute to spare.” She meant spending quality time with our children. “Help them to be the best they can be,” Athena would say.
"Children need help with math."
"They'd like to tell you a story they made up today."
"The children miss you. You need to spend time with them. NOW!" She could be quite a tiger mom.

What Athena really liked, was for Her Subject to sleep, to leave her alone. In another word, to be her vanilla herself. To be a good wife and mom. Or the Great Matriarch, her own new goal. And if she had to hypnotize Her Subject to reject his requests or offerings, so be it.

Each night, Her Subject would read to their children and tuck them in. Then Athena would waste no time snapping her fingers gesturing Her Subject to sleep. Her Subject might have been chastised, days, weeks, or months. He wanted kinks, to be teased, to service Athena, or to have more sex. But he had no choice under hypnosis. He couldn’t even make a sound to ask. His body was not his to control.

Each night, while Her Subject immobilized in bed, Athena would busy herself with chores. Mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen, dishes, laundries, baking, making children’s lunches and snacks, or shopping for entire family’s clothes online. The tasks were endless. Athena rarely asked for help. She could and did occasionally, but not usually. She wanted Her Subject to sleep. Not to watch TV, surfing the Internet, reading, pampering her, or helping out chores. “Sleep.” Athena insisted on it, and she would not give up the control to make him sleeping.

“You work all day and need to spend the time with children. You are not getting enough sleep as it is. I want you to be healthy. When I want you to sleep, you go to sleep,” Athena said to Her Subject.

Going to sleep dutifully was incredibly boring. Being mind-controlled into doing it was incredibly kinky and exciting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Sometimes Her Subject got impatient that Athena was not getting more dominant. Sometimes he wondered if she was interested at all. Seemed Athena was content with vanilla life, and if without Her Subject’s constant prompting, the whole FLR dynamic would fade away.

Her Subject decided to gauge Athena interest level. He had been wearing a watch symbolizing his submissive status. “How about me not wearing the watch tonight?”

“You will fall in a trance at night, every night, forever. That’s weekdays, weekends, holidays, no exceptions. You stay in trance until the alarm clock goes off next morning. Keep wearing your watch,” Athena replied without hesitation.

She did like to be dominant, at least symbolically. But there had been no action. Or not enough to satisfy Her Subject cravings. He wanted to explore this further, “I read that some people feel guilty doing so?”

Athena nodded in agreement: “I do feel guilty. You’ll mop the floor tonight.”

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Missing appointment

Although Athena mentioned never to talk to Her Subject’s unconscious, but she did it again without amnesia this time. She just did it like the most normal natural thing. She didn’t even take her eyes off the iPad from shopping online when she put Her Subject deeply under hypnosis.

It was nothing kinky. It was an appointment Her Subject had forgotten the exact date, and she was wondering if the unconscious could retrieve the forgotten memory. Turned out Her Subject didn’t even make the appointment.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Unpredictable preferences

Her Subject could never be sure if Athena enjoyed any of the activities or just indulging him. And it could change from day to day. It was like if one had chicken for dinner one day and might want beef the next day. An activity could be a crave one day and a bother next. Some days Athena got annoyed when Her Subject asked to kiss her feet, and some days she got annoyed that Her Subject didn’t.

Her Subject gave up on guessing what would please Athena. Instead, he would propose activities that he himself would enjoy.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The unconscious spoke

hypnosis subconscious
The Unconscious.
Her Subject would like to thank Athena’s
help and support in all photographs.
Her Subject was curious what a conversation between his unconscious and Athena would be like. He asked Athena using hypnosis to give it a try.

The unconscious could be very passive and not very talkative, so Her Subject asked Athena to prepare a set of questions. The topics could be something normally too awkward to talk about.

One evening before going to sleep, Her Subject thought to urge Athena to start the conversation. “Remember we talked about it? When are you going to do it? I’m very curious what my unconscious would say.”

Athena stared at Her Subject for a moment studying him. “The amnesia I gave you worked. It was never very effective. I thought you would remember.”

Memory started to come back to Her Subject. He remembered counting up awakening. Then he remembered vaguely some suggestions to forget. Athena really went out her way on that one. The memory were stored in a high security room, then shrunk, vaulted, made into vanishing smoke… Her Subject remembered the amnesia suggestions went on forever… layers and layers of it. He tried to retrieve the content of that conversation… but that was impossible. He got a headache and tired all of the sudden… So tiring trying to remember…

But he was so curious. What did they talk about?

Athena went on. “Your unconscious was very much your true self. Not too much different from talking to you now. Everything was expected. I don’t feel the need to do it again.”

“If you want to talk, your conscious should be present,” Athena added.

“Did I ask you to give me amnesia?”

“No. That was my decision. Why? It just felt to be the right thing to do then.” “What was said was between me and your unconscious. It didn’t concern you, and you don’t need to know.”

Her Subject was startled. “A secret between myself and you that I don’t know? What was it? Did it bother you that you that much you don’t want to do it again? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

The rapid questions agitated Athena. She snapped her fingers putting Her Subject to sleep.

Point taken. Athena didn’t want to talk. Her Subject would not pursue this matter any further. He would wait until Athena is ready.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Picture day

sexy woman holding two whips
Enjoying posing with
two whips.

It was about his bedtime. Her Subject was tired ready to pass out.

“Come on, just one more picture. This pose,” Athena demanded.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cracking whips

It had been a long day at work. Her Subject fought the traffic and finally made it home tired and sleepy. Athena was busy cooking dinner and managing the children.

When Athena saw Her Subject, her eyes sparkled. With the spatula still in her hand, she passionately put her arms around Her Subject hugging him and gave him a big kiss. “Oh, thank you, I had so much fun today. They were so cool.”

Her Subject had no idea what this was about. He blankly stared at Athena, “Huh?”

“The whips. The whips you bought me. I watched some YouTube tutorials, then practiced in the backyard. I have already learned how to crack them. I can do several different cracks already using either hand. I loved it. It was so cool. I can’t wait to tell everybody. Can we do a video and put on Facebook?” Athena said giggly and turned back to cooking.

A sense of panic came over to Her Subject. He quickly grabbed Athena’s hands, and then examined her carefully, “You didn’t hurt yourself, did you? Did you wear any protective gear? I had all of them on the shelf in one place.”

“No I didn’t hurt myself. It was so easy. I didn’t need the protective gears. It was like I was meant to do it. It felt so natural,” Athena replied.

Her Subject was deeply disturbed. He really hoped the whips would be forgotten. He was also upset that Athena threw cautions to the wind. “I want you to wear protective gear from now on,” Her Subject said firmly. When it came to safety, Her Subject was adamant. “At least for the next several weeks until you have enough hours of practice. You could have seriously injured yourself. I want you to be safe.”

“Oh, they are not that dangerous, you big silly,” Athena rejected. “It was really easy. I’ll show you this weekend. You can wear the protective gears. I don’t need them.”

“I think I’ll be cracking whips in the yard regularly now as part of my exercise routine. I think it’s really good for my arms,” Athena added.

Her Subject felt apprehensive of the whips. He really liked Femdom activities, but he had some reservations about the whips. “I’m happy you like the whips. Keep them outdoors though. They are too long; you’d break furniture and ceiling fan inside.” He tried a little subtle message to prevent Athena from using the whips on him.

It didn’t work. Athena winked at him, “I know what you are thinking. You don’t think I’d whip you outside with your pants down? It’d be much more fun. I’ll need short whips for indoor for raining days. I don’t like these nylon whips anyway. Can we get some good quality leather ones?”

Sensing Her Subject's reluctance, Athena became unsure herself too. "I'm not going to hit you with them... Not hard anyway. Unless you want me to... Would you like me to?"

Woman holding whips
These whips are too
long for our bedroom play.

Friday, May 27, 2016

More time to attend the children

School semester ended. Summer break started. Daycare is not economical for us. But we still need help, so we hire a part time babysitter. With children staying home all day, Athena and Her Subject have to divert more attentions away from each other. Her Subject has this long list of sexual activities he wants to do, but he has to wait when chance allows it. For the next two weeks, we have to prepare our children for their upcoming music recitals and exams. Our two daughters’ violin playing, scratchily and out of tune, is absolutely delightful to their parents. If it means no private time between husband and wife to nurture their joy and talent, we are all too happy for it.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's fate

Athena sent these selfies from her phone. “You may use them in your blog,” she permitted.

“Thank you. Would you like to approve the entry? After all, it’s about you.”

“No,” Athena yawned and walked away.

Erotic Hypnosis
A snake's nature is to prey.

“That’s right, a snake. My Chinese zodiac sign. I have the hypnotic power. You are my fallen prey. It’s fate. Under my control is your destiny. Feel me squeeze out your conscious. It is my nature to consume your mind. Are you resisting? Please do. It only makes it faster. Go ahead and resist. Speed it up for me. You feel it going faster too? Of course you do. Melt into me. It is inevitable.”

Toying with the mind of her fallen prey.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Give up remembering

forgotten erotic hypnosis
Who took this picture? Puzzling.

Did he take the picture? Her Subject couldn’t quite recall. It was not a selfie, so he must have been the photographer. He knew he did it. But searching in his memory, he had no recollection of it. He thought he dreamed it. Yes, it was in a dream where he took the picture. A long time ago, before he knew her. But if he didn’t know her, then who was she? How was it possible? Was it a dream? He couldn’t be sure. It couldn’t have been a dream, for he was staring at the picture. Maybe he was still in a dream yet to be waken up?

Her Subject kept trying to remember. All he saw was a cloud of smoke. Forever beyond his grasp and disappeared as soon as he tried. Why was it so hard trying to remember something? Her Subject felt tiring trying to remember. So tiring. He thought it was just not worth the effort. Why was it so much effort? Was it really that important to remember? It was not important at all. Why would anyone care who took the picture? Why was he tired all of the sudden trying to remember? So tired and drowsy. Couldn’t he just leave the memory hidden? He would have been much happier to keep it hidden, right? If not, someone else would be happy to have the memory buried deep inside. But inside what? And who was that someone? Why was he feeling that someone? Who was there playing with his mind?

Her Subject got very confused. And he felt very tired trying to figure all this out. For what? He didn’t know. He thought it would be all better if he would just give up, and that’s what he did. He felt relieved. Leaving the memory hidden was liberating.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Two singletails

As Her Subject was coming home from work, he picked up the package containing the whips left at the door.

“Your whips are here,” Her Subject said as he was walking through the door.

Children were running around yelling and screaming. Toys were scattered everywhere. Athena was busy cooking dinner. “Oh, the whips? Two of them right? I need one for each hand. Just stash them in the closet,” Athena said.

“You don’t want to take a look?”

“No. I’m cooking. Put them away then set the table. Tell the children to calm down, wash hands, and get ready for dinner. Pour milk in their sippy cups. Wine for us? White or red?”

The singletails excited Her Subject, yet he was terrified too. Very mixed emotions. Athena’s disinterested reaction did comfort Her Subject a little bit. He hid the whips away and planned not to mention them ever again. He was not ready for the singletails. At least not for now.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Since the 9-tail whip was a big disappointment, Her Subject took it up upon himself searching for alternatives. There were plenty. Various paddles, wooden spoons, canes, floggers, and crops, etc. He presented his findings, but none of them appealed to Athena.

“Boring,” Athena yawned. This whole disciplining idea was in jeopardy.

There was one more option Her Subject hadn't shown Athena yet. He was hesitating. It was the Singletail: the most dangerous option. Improperly trained, it could cause serious injuries. It took a while, then Her Subject organized all the information and presented to Athena.

Athena eyes lit up. “That is really cool.”

“But also the most dangerous,” Her Subject injected.

Athena didn’t answer back vocally. But her body language did. She wanted them, but this was not a decision to be made lightly alone.

“I found some inexpensive nylon singletails on Amazon. They are in stock. We’ll get them in two days. How about you start practicing with these in the backyard. If you like them, then we can order real leather bullwhips. We have all the safety gear for you to practice: hat, helmet, leather jacket, chaps, gloves, and eye protection.”

Athena giggled. “Remember it was all your idea. I don’t need any reason to whip you. Agreed?”

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Her Subject had to go on a business trip. On the evening before, Athena hypnotized him in the bed. She sat next to him, gently caressed Her Subject’s face, and whispered “Deeper… deeper...” repeatedly. Her voice was tender, and although she did her best to contain it, sadness seeped out in her tone. She was going to miss him terribly. “Deeper, deeper...” Athena wished they didn’t have to be apart.

Her Subject’s heart ached. He wanted to embrace her tightly, to tell her comforting words, and to make her feeling alright. That was all but impossible. Bound by Athena’s spell, he could only lay there like the dead. Sorrowful “Deeper…deeper…” echoed, but they weren’t echoes. "Deeper... deeper..." No other words. That was all Athena's mood allowed. "Deeper... deeper..." Each echo only sent Her Subject deeper into the abyss.

Some time passed. Athena collected herself the best she could. “You see a door labeled ‘Ambition.’ Go ahead and enter. Think all the objectives you want to achieve. Set your priorities. Organize all your plans. There is a desk and some file cabinets. Then can help you. Use them. Go and make a kill.”

“Upon concluding business each day, you will head straight back to your room. You will be asleep before 11:00pm. Prior to sleep, you will carefully plan out the next day. You will be efficient and achieving.”

“When you are ready, you may go to sleep naturally.”

Her Subject departed before dawn. While away, he couldn’t bring himself to stay at bars with his colleagues. After each dinner, he excused himself and retired early. During the days, he was refreshed, clear thinking, and efficient. He was out there to provide for his family. Athena and their children were always on his mind. Without them, he'd have no one to provide. He wanted the job well done, and he could hardly wait to see his loving family.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


We had company at dinner.

“Athena, what’s going on? You are treating him like a pet.”

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Picture day

Dear sufferer reader, please forgive Her Subject for his lack of creativity.
nude HypnoDomme pocket watch
How many times can the same pocket watch picture
be re-taken?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tickling whip

The whip arrived.

Femdom whip
Waiting impatiently with her whip.

Her Subject was eager to have Athena to use it. Neither of us knew if we’d like it. But we had to wait. Dinner, bathing the children, music lessons, spelling, and readings needed to be done first. After the children were in bed, then laundry, dishes, and picking up children’s toys all around the house. We were lucky to have energy left by the end of the night. 

Femdom bdsm whip
Strip! On your knees!

Her Subject asked Athena for pictures for the blog, and she was happy to do it. She never read this blog, though both of us liked to review and critique the pictures. Athena will be forty soon. She giggled when she saw the pictures. Her Subject generally arranged background to be uncluttered, but he was too tired to rearrange furniture. On the right side of the picture was an indigo nursery rocking chair with an infant blanket draped over the armrest. No longer used for nursing, Athena would sit Her Subject in the chair if she wanted to hypnotize him deeply.

Athena would whip Her Subject without hypnosis first. She would gradually increase intensity until Her Subject called it stop. Athena didn’t want a complicated safe word system. She thought it would kill the mood. Her Subject was not under any constraints. "Safe words are silly. Just get up and walk away when you had enough. Or just say stop.” Athena said. First she lightly brushed the whip against Her Subject for a little tease. Then Athena gradually increased intensity. It was not before long Athena was hitting Her Subject with all her might that she was huffing and puffing. However, the whip was a big disappoint. It didn’t even leave a mark. Her Subject was sad. Feeling cheated.

Athena was coated with a thin layer of sweat from swinging the whip which made her skin shimmered a little bit. She retired and said “Lick me!” Her Subject was happy to obey. “Your butt bounced and jiggled when the whip hit you. It was very sexy.” Clearly Athena was turned on. As Her Subject was enjoying her scent, she lightly whipped his back. Whip! Keep licking! She enjoyed the power it symbolized. It tickled.

At least Athena liked to use it. We had fun taking some pictures too. Her Subject felt better that the whip was not a complete waste.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Better photographer

Athena sent this selfie a while back
delaying orgasm release date.
Athena was supposed to take the lead. Her Subject initiated the picture taking endeavor. It felt as if Athena was simply complying with his wishes. He wanted Athena to take control.

So Athena answered. “Remember before we were married? We were dating long distance? All the revealing selfies I sent to reel you in? Yes, they were beautiful weren’t they? I’m a better photographer than you are. I ordered a camera remote control. I’ll take selfies, and you may take additional pictures. You may use the pictures in your blog.”

The feeling of initiating this photography project changed to submitting in an instant.

“I don’t suppose you changed your mind about reading the blog?”

“No. I don’t intent to read it.”

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Taking pictures

On a lunch date, your humble servant talked to Athena about this blog. She never read it but told your servant “It’s a good hobby.” Your servant asked to have more pictures. He didn’t really want it to burden Athena, so he was ready for a “No” answer.

So shiny… You can’t help but keep staring at it…
feeling sleepy… give yourself to me… obey…

Athena not only agreed but was also enthusiastic about it. Later that night, after your servant read to the children and tucked them in, Athena was already dressed readily for the photo shoot. She looked incredible, which ached your servant severely from chastity.

Your servant was doing his best containing his panting from seeing this devilish creature. “I didn’t realize this project is making chastity much worse. I’m aching for you. Sometime I do regret terribly about this whole chastity thing.”

“Shut up and take the pictures!”

In dim poor lighting and in a hurried fashion, most pictures were blurry or unflattering. Athena didn’t want these to be published. However, we planned to have picture taking regularly as part of our sexual repertoires. By chance we happened to capture a good moment, it would make its way to this blog.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

She was up to no good

I talked to Athena about this blog and my Twitter account from time to time, but she had no interest in reading them. However, she was happy to supply selfies for me to publish.

erotic hypnosis bdsm flr femdom mind control
So deeply hypnotized...

So many good pictures it was hard for me to pick just one... Athena really knew how to take selfies.

erotic hypnosis bdsm flr femdom mind control
Sink deeply...

erotic hypnosis bdsm flr femdom mind control
Keep going deeper...

erotic hypnosis bdsm flr femdom mind control
What I say becomes real...

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hypnosis and whip play

We are still waiting for the whip to arrive.

Athena: B, this hypnosis thing comes really handy. When I whip you, I don’t need any restraints. No gag. You won’t be able to make a sound. Only helplessly hypnotized.

“Really?” I thought to myself. Will the pain wake me up? Or will it deepen my trance? Until I’m numb? Will I able to call it stop? Will it be safe? Will my unconscious keep it safe? My mind wonders…

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Waltzing in the lead

Our 6 year old daughter Jill: I want you and mom to dance waltz to my violin playing.

Me: That’s so sweet of you. But daddy doesn’t know how to dance waltz.

Athena: That’s quite alright. I’ll lead.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hidden desire

I was reading some Femdom blog, and Athena leaned over to take a look out of curiosity. “That’s a pretty picture. She is pretty. It’s a good picture. Is she holding a whip?” Athena asked.

My heart jumped. I though whip was sexy, but I didn’t want pain. I proceeded cautiously, “Should I shop for one?”

“I don’t understand people who want pain. That’s weird. I would whip you if you like. It may hurt.”

Athena surprised me.

I didn’t think she liked to dole out pain. I better talk her out of it. “I’m going to be good. You’ll have no reason to whip me. Whipping is tiring. Besides, it’s a lot of work tracking points of my behavior for reward/punishment. We are not even doing that now.”

Athena laughed out loud. “Why need reason to whip you?”

I watched her grinning, a bit stunned. Not sure if I should encourage her or talk her out of it.

She continued, “I’d have to learn to whip quietly so I don’t wake up the kids. Do some research on that. See if they make quiet whips.”

Later I showed her some whips online. Athena was looking through them. “These look kind small. Do they have something bigger? Oooo… that one looks like it’s gonna hurt and cause some bleeding. Think you can take that one?” It was a nine tail black and red whip. Her favorite colors.

“Can you just wave it around?”

“Wave it around?” Athena looked puzzled, bored, or disappointed. Her expression looked like “What’s the fun in that?” without saying it out loud. Then she changed the subject.

She never told me to buy the whip. I ordered it anyway. The one Athena had her eye on.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quitted smoking

Athena was very persistent on making me going to sleep every night. It was both erotic and boring at the same time. What could be more boring than sleeping? Nothing kinky about it. But when forced upon me, it felt very kinky. Sometimes I wanted to talk. Or to beg released from chastity. Or just to scratch an itch. But I wasn’t able to do anything, not too different from being gaged and bound.

Every three or four days Athena would put me under hypnosis and give me a handjob. I would appear comatose, no sound nor movement. Athena would wipe me clean and go to sleep after. I didn’t know what was the appeal. I was alert and aware of what was going on the whole time under hypnosis, but incapable of doing anything. During the day time, I mentioned to Athena she didn’t have to give me handjobs at all. Or she could wait for longer intervals. That fell on deaf ears.

So after a few weeks chastity became boring. I was getting orgasms about every three days. Usually sooner. I wanted longer periods of chastity, but Athena just did whatever she wanted and ignored me. Therefore, I came up with the idea of using chastity to help me quit smoking. Athena always wanted me to quit smoking. I said that she could talk directly to my unconscious to find out if I smoked, and then hand out punishment/reward.

I read cautions against using hypnosis for therapy by non-professionals. I figured that I’m using chastity, not hypnosis, so it should be safe.

We spent the first few days making sure that my unconscious could not lie to Athena. Luckily it turned out to be true. Then one evening Athena really took her time putting me under hypnosis. I was under deeply.

Athena: You may move freely. Talk to me. Did you smoke today?

I opened my eyes and moved around a little bit. I didn’t feel any different. Then I sat down. I knew I was under hypnosis only because the long induction and no counting up waking sequence yet. Otherwise I felt normal. Then I answered “Yes. Only one cigarette.”

Athena: One week without orgasm.

Me: Cool. I wish you would be more in charge of me like that. Can you act angrily?

Athena: Oh, that’ll be fun. Ok, here it goes, I’m going to pretend angry. Watch me, I’m really angry now. If you smoke again, it will be 30 days of chastity.

I didn’t know it, but under hypnosis without my conscious self’s presence, my analytical facility was gone. I could not tell if Athena was actually angry or just pretend, even though she told me she was pretending. It looked real to me and burned an impression deeply in my unconscious. It was truly frightful to me. I slid down from the chair to the floor, buried my head between my knees in a fetal position trembling. I searched my analytical facility in vain, trying to get it to tell me that it was not real, that it was only an act. I barely made it out in a shaky voice, “wake me up now…”

Athena had no idea what was going on in my head. But she knew it’d be better not to wake me up right away. “Go to your safe place. Calm.” She spent some time to sooth me before counting up to wake me.

That awful frightful feeling lingered for a few seconds and then it became memory. But it was very vivid and intense that I never wanted to experience it again. That was seven months ago as I’m writing this. I haven’t smoked since.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Forever in uniform

I had been put in charge of coming up with all FLR ideas and implementing them. Athena just went along for the ride. Whenever I suggested an idea, Athena just did it. We didn’t talk much about it. So I wasn’t sure if Athena really did like the activities, or she was indulging me.

On a lunch date, I decided to ask. I had been wearing a symbolic slave uniform which was an old cheap watch every evening. I took it off in the mornings before going to work. So I wasn’t wearing the watch during lunch. I raised my wrist, pointing to it with the other hand, and asked, “About the slave uniform I was wearing,”

Athena cut me off before I could finish my sentence. “You will keep doing that everyday all the time. Including holidays or when you do business travel. We’ll continue our FLR without interruption. You can keep coming up with new ideas. It’s fun. It’s definitely making my life easier.”

I got my answer.

Athena added, “It was going to be a surprise, but since you brought up the conversation, I bought you a bracelet. You can wear that instead of the cheap Casio watch. We should receive it in the next few days. I thought you’d like that.”

Athena actually took an initiative. I had been doing it right. I thought I’d just push for a tiny more. After all, she asked me to come up with new ideas.

“Would you like me to wear the uniform all the time?” I asked.
“Do it” was her reply.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Before I went to bed, we talked about children, school, and made plans for the next few days. Like we always did every night. Usually I would be lying down next the Athena. Except for tonight, I was standing next to the bed.

After a while, Athena asked, “Why are you standing like that?”

I answered, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to talk if I’m in the bed. I’d be deeply hypnotized.”

Athena said, “Oh, I forgot about that.”

I said, “I’d like you to understand that it’s not something I can forget easily. I’m in this hypnotic chastity, which keeps me aroused and remind me of all the suggestions all the time. I just want you to know that.”

Athena said, “Oh, ok. I don’t really know how you feel. I can go on for weeks without having sex, so if you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t really know that. Now, come here and kiss me.”

I approached carefully. I lean forward slowly, but as soon as I entered the vertical plane of the bed’s boundary, I lost control. My conscious fled the house. Completely gone. I faceplanted on the bed then became immobile. My unconscious self was still there. I heard Athena LOL.

After Athena caught her breathing from laughing, she said “Oh poor baby under my control. You may move about to a more comfortable position then go to natural sleep.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Automatic shutdown

Chastity was a horrible feeling. At nights, I was tossing and turning. I couldn’t go to sleep.

Athena had enough of me tossing and turning. She was about to hypnotize me to sleep again, so I mentioned that she could make the suggestion permanent so she wouldn’t have to do this every night.

I felt I was making the whole situation worse for myself. My head was filled with all these horrible ideas. After reading Vanilla Dominatrix, I knew whenever I got the chance, I should ask Athena to act upon these horrible ideas. This was one of the times.

Athena was eager to see me sleeping. She acted right away. “From now on, when it’s time to sleep and you are lying in the bed like you are now, the more aroused you are, the deeper you will fall asleep.” Then she grabbed my hand and used my fingers to masturbate. I was going deep so fast I felt I was jumping out of an airplane. My conscious was completely gone.