Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Picture day

Showing off her new bra.
Her Subject was in another city meeting a client when his phone vibrated. A selfie from Athena. Her Subject quickly hid the phone. “A new bra” was all there was in the text.

It was difficult to remain calm in the meeting. He felt loved that Athena took the trouble to send him the selfie. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. And what did the message mean? Did she have something planned?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Altered identity mishap

Mystery Woman

Athena was grinding cowgirl style on top of Her Subject. She soon soared high in ecstasy. She closed her eyes relishing the elation. Not wanting to wake up the kids, she bit her lips tightly containing the sound of her exhilaration. Red rashes propagated all over her body, as usual when she is in fervent pleasure. A thin layer of sweat shimmered on her. Despite her effort to contain, she let escape a long sigh, then collapsed on top of Her Subject panting and recovering.

Her Subject was not done yet. He gently pushed Athena, a signal to flip her over to quench his lust. Athena resisted. She pushed Her Subject back down and stared at him intriguingly. “You don’t remember, do you?” Athena asked.

“Remember what? To pick up the milk? To clean the kitchen?” Her Subject said vacantly. He showed no interest in the question. He attempted again flipping Athena to the bottom.

Athena gently pushed Her Subject back down again. She sat up, extended both of her hands touching Her Subject’s head with her finger tips. Her fingers swirled in his hair. “You will now remember…” Athena said hypnotically.

In an instant, horror and shame engulfed Her Subject. His jaw dropped and petrified. In disbelief, he said “No… I didn’t.” His voice was coarse for his throat dried out from the shock.

“No, it’s ok, my baby,” Athena soothed Her Subject. She kissed him gently on the forehead. Her fingers caressed in his hair comforting him. “Be calm. It’s really ok. It was my fault. Now go to sleep. Everything is well. You’ll wake up refreshed and happy. I know you still love me. More than ever. It was an act of love.”

Her Subject’s shocked face calmed down as he drifted into trance then sleeping.

* * *

A few minutes ago, Her Subject was forcibly trying to remove Athena from the house as if she was an intruder. He was determined to get her out and keep her out; there was no doubt about that. Athena was no match to Her Subject’s physical strength. But she figured out just in time what to do to control the situation. Otherwise it would have been unthinkable.

* * *

It started earlier as Athena was walking in the bedroom getting ready to sleep. “Listen to this,” Her Subject was reading aloud, “This couple used hypnosis for role playing. He erased themselves from her memory, and gave themselves new identities. He is a random person at a strip clue and she is a stripper. And the script is for him to pick her up for the night.”

Athena looked interested. Her look said “go on.”

“I didn’t know hypnosis can achieve that. That opens up all kind of possibilities for role playing fun games,” Her Subject said.

Athena giggled and jumped right into action. “Sleep!” She dropped Her Subject in a trance in an instant.

Mistake. We acted this out too quickly without planning it ahead.

“When you wake up, you will not recognize me. You will see a beautiful sexy lady but you have never met her before.” Athena suggested. She couldn’t wait to surprise Her Subject. To give him a one-night stand experience. Athena straddled Her Subject so excitedly her juice gushed out coating all over him from her pelvis moving rhythmically. “One, two, three, you are wide awake,” Athena said.

Her Subject woke up. Looked around, he panicked. What happened? He recognized his own bedroom, but Athena was nowhere to be found. Who was this woman? Why were they having sex? What the hell was going on?

Where was Athena? Why did Her Subject have no memory of this strange woman? Were the children ok? Her Subject was frightened and confused.

Nothing was making any sense to him. He tried to think, but he got a splitting headache. The more he tried to think, the more his brain slowed down, the more he was confused. So sluggish. So confusing. He felt that there was something preventing him from making sense of this, but he didn't know what.

He started pushing the unknown woman away from him forcibly. “Lady, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know you and I don’t know how we ended up in this position. You are with the wrong guy. I’m married and you need to go,” Her Subject shouted, "GET OUT NOW!!!" Her Subject was physically pushing the unknown woman out of the house. He didn't care if she was naked. That's her problem to deal with. He wanted her out and to find Athena. He wanted to see his children making sure they are ok.

The situation was a disaster the moment Her Subject woke up. Athena got scared. Tears started filling up her eyes, but she was doing her best holding them back. Then Athena remembered. They had a plan if something went wrong.

“Sleep!” Athena snapped her fingers. “Go to your happy place. Go now. You’ll feel safe there. That’s right. You are doing well. Stay there. That's right. Yes, you are happy. Feeling safe…” Athena suggested.

One of the first things we did when we embarked on hypno-fetish was to establish a safe place for Her Subject for the unexpected. It was an imaginary place only existed in Her Subject’s unconscious mind.

“Feeling so happy and safe… your favorite place…” Athena kept going. Her Subject’s grimacing face faded. His breathing and heartrate slowed down as calm overtook him. In a few seconds Her Subject was so still he looked dead.

“When you wake up, you’ll fell happy and refreshed. You’ll remember me. Athena. Your love.” Athena restored everything while Her Subject was still in his happy place. No amnesia suggestion was given, but it spontaneously happened. When Her Subject woke up, he would have no memory of it. Not a trace. Not until Athena recalled it for him.

Kink comes last

The video is our oldest daughter playing violin. She is eight.

Our children are our first priority in our life.

Then there are extended families. Work and jobs. Our health. Other leisure activities: motorcycle, cycling, TV, movies, etc.

Kink is at very low priority in our life.

Choosing between developing our children’s talent and kinky activities, there is no contest.

Even our fetishes become tools of nurturing our children.

From what we learned for our kink in psychology and hypnosis, we are applying that knowledge to teach our children.

We are teaching our daughters to see sheet music in their head. It’s one of many trance phenomena. As they learn, they can play the music backwards. They even developed their own system of numbering the measures in the sheet music.

“What’s the third note in measure 2?” we asked.

“E5 natural, no flat, no sharp,” Jill answered correctly, not even looking at us, while playing Lego. The sheet music was nowhere in sight. "Then G5, F5, G4," Jill didn't stop there. We stopped her so we can move on to the next activity. "Very good Jill. We know you can see the music now. Let's do something else."

The same skill can be applied to spelling.

“Can you see the word in your head, and spell it backward?”

“That’s easy. Let’s play a game of talking backward,” Jill suggested excitedly and jumped up and down. Children love playing games.

Last week, our children had severe flu. "It's viral. There is nothing we can do. They'll recover on their own," the doctor told us. But the children cried because of the headaches and muscle aches. We put them in trance to ease the pain and they stopped crying. That is, we let them watched their favorite TV shows and movies.

Once in a while, NLP language patterns slip out of our tongues in everyday conversations.

Will our children pick that up? Will they try to hypnotize us to get the toys they want? Or influence teachers to get better grades in school?

We can’t stop wondering.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Femdom and chastity are normal

Her Subject pleaded to have a short break from Femdom and chastity. "Can we please take a short break from chastity? Revert back to normal?"

"But we are working toward normal," Athena replied.

"I want more Femdom and that to be the normal for us. That is, more Femdom is the normal. We still have a way to go."

"So I do agree. We'll continue to work toward normal. You stay chaste, under my control."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Keyholder pendant

A lovely selfie

Gift from far away

Mother's day weekend.

While Her Subject was travelling for work, Athena received this keyholder jewelry from Her Subject.

In return, Athena sent this lovely selfie to him.

O, how Her Subject missed Athena from far away.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Trapped in Femdom

Her Subject couldn’t bear to be in chastity anymore. He begged to be out.

“Beg all you want, you are not cumming tonight,” Athena declared.

“Stay chaste. Yes, you convinced me to do it. I thought it was weird. But I also thought it could be fun to try. Why? I don’t know. That’s not important. We are not going to dwell on why. We may never know for the rest of our lives.”

“After experiencing it, I just know that we like it. As for why? Who cares?”

“We don’t have the time or energy to contemplate why we like it.”

“I think my life is much easier now, that’s why I like it. You help out around the house a lot more. And you are right, kinky activities are not necessary. But I prefer to have them.”

“So your begging will not change my mind. You are not cumming tonight. Or any other time unless I allow it.”

“Yes, it started out as fun and games. Not anymore. I want it real.”

“You talked me into it.”

“You cannot talk me out of it. That’s how Femdom works. I make the call now.”

"You are feeling trapped? You built the trap yourself. There is no way I'm letting you out. Not ever. No way. No, no, no, no, no!"

“I’m not going to extend your chastity either. Not going to do it. I want you always to think I may change my mind anytime. I don't mind you begging.”

Athena gestured the Jedi Mind Trick.

“Can’t remember why you are here? It’s not important then, or else you’d remember.”

“Go fold the laundry.”