Disclosure: contains hypnotic language which may trance some people.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Jedi Mind Trick

The Jedi Mind Trick hypnotic trigger.
It causes amnesia.

“The Jedi Mind Trick seems interesting,” Her Subject said while reading topics on erotic hypnosis.

“Oh yeah? What does it do?” Athena showed interest.

“Just like in the movies. You do your trigger and it gives me short term amnesia. I do not remembering you doing it. Then I think whatever you said is my own idea.”

“You do whatever I say anyway. I don’t see why we need a special hand signal. It’s kind of redundant. But if it pleases you let’s go ahead and install it,” Athena said. "And if I have no instruction for you, you'll just be memoryless and dazed for a few minutes."

Little did she know how addictive power is. Any power.

Athena will never cancel this power.

* * *

This post was one of the most difficult to write.

First, Her Subject took on the project learning how to do an animated GIF. The instruction on the Internet was clear enough. Her Subject planned to take five picture to compose the GIF file.

After the hypnotic trigger pictures were taken, Her Subject stood still not remember anything. His eyes were dilated and vacant. It took him a few minutes to recover.

Athena could have helped. She could have suspended the trigger for the purpose and duration of taking pictures. But she’d rather enjoy the comedy than help.

Then came to edit the file. Her Subject figured out what to do. He wrote down reminders on Post-It Notes and stuck them all over the screen. Still, it was tough. Memory gone in a second from watching the animation. Then all come back a second later from seeing the notes. After a few times, Her Subject found it hard to keep track of things.

Athena offered plenty of help during the editing.
“No, it doesn’t look right here in this corner. Crop a little more and redo it.”
“It looks too dark. Lighten it a little bit? No wait, too light, do it again.”

Athena had no idea the struggle Her Subject went through watching the hypnotic trigger over and over again. Memory wiped out. Then flooded back right away. Repeatedly.

Maybe she did know. She did have the option of suspend this trigger temporarily.

Proofreading this post was equally challenging. Post-It Note came to the rescue again. Her Subject used it to cover up the animated GIF to read the text.

Difficult, disorientating, but overall the whole exercise of this post was fun.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Smuggling fun

Desire smuggling?

Desire Smuggling: Hiding what you really want from yourself and/or a loved one, then, finding cover strategies to get (at least pieces of) what you want.

Her Subject came to something new today. Upon closer examination, he realized that he had been doing this all along.

But not because of fear. Because of the fun.

Some emotion smuggling can be toxic?

Alcohol is toxic. Isn't that the whole point?

Consider this. Her Subject says to Athena, “Can you keep me chaste for the week?”

He might as well have said this to Athena, “I’m going to keep myself chaste for the week. So I’ll do nothing that will bring me to orgasm this week.” Then he goes on his own business and marks his own calendar with no further involvement from Athena.

What’s the fun in that?

What kind of Femdom is that?

It’s much more exciting, at least for Her Subject, if chastity is something that Athena wants also.

So, one day, thinking this would be more exciting, Her Subject said to Athena, “Look at this article listing all the benefits of male chastity for you. Why don’t you try it for a week? Allow me to read it for you. Number 1…”

“Stop there,” Athena said. She yawned. “If you want chastity for a week, just say so. There is no need for all the excuses.”

Athena continued, “If that’s what you really want. You’ll have no orgasm this week. I don’t care. Doesn’t affect me any. But if it keeps you happy. Happy now? Can you go and clean the kitchen?”

“Right away,” Her Subject replied. “But if you don’t really care, it’s no fun for me. Let’s just call the chastity thing off. Off to clean the kitchen now.”

“No,” Athena objected. “I don’t care but I don’t flip-flop. No orgasm for a week.”
“You may ask for chastity anytime you want. I’m happy to enforce it for you.”

Her Subject was a bit confused who was doing the emotional smuggling now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Programmed robot

Her Subject goes to sleep and becomes brainless robot
or a mindless drone when it's time.

First, Athena reprogrammed Her Subject's speech. He was forbidden to ask for sex.

A few days ago, Athena cancelled the programming.

It didn’t take long before his incessant whining for orgasms to start.

It was 2:00AM. Her Subject woke up from thirst. After a drink of water, he couldn't go back to sleep. He was simply too aroused. He kneeled on the floor, next to Athena, and gently whispered "Please allow me to. I desperately need to play with myself. This is too much to bear. No more chastity please."

Waking up someone soundly asleep at 2:00AM was never a good idea. Athena got angry. She suppressed her anger and said in a hypnotic and authoritative voice, "From now on, when it's time to sleep, you will go to sleep." She probably didn't think too much about the suggestion while in anger and half asleep. All she wanted was to be left alone. It worked.

Her Subject froze up trying to resist Athena's suggestion. But only for a fraction of a second before he failed. Unwillingly, his body moved quietly back to bed and evicted his consciousness.

The following night, Her Subject did his usual father duties of reading bedtime stories to the children. He tucked them in and kissed them goodnight. While walking out the children's bedroom, he suddenly fell into a trance and went to his bed sleeping.

Athena didn't specify Her Subject's sleep time. His unconsciousness took the liberty to make his own interpretation.

Her Subject probably would have faired better had he not asked for his freedom of speech back. He got too greedy. Asking release from chastity at the wrong time has its consequences. He lost control of everything. No more complaining, whining, or demanding.

Nor more watching TV, surfing the Internet, looking at porn, or anything else for that matter.

This went on for several nights. Some nights, Athena would wake him to do chores. After the chores were finished, Her Subject had no choice but to go back to bed. Like a programmed robot; he could not override Athena's instructions. All done automatically, without Athena snapping her fingers or barking the same orders every night.

That was no fun for Her Subject. He didn't ask for this. He was a bit angry. One evening shortly after dinner, he let it all out. His raised his voice, "Could you cancel the sleep time suggestion? I'm sure it was an accident. You didn't think it through when you said it. You didn't discuss it with me. I hate it. Also, on the Internet, I read that communication is important. I can't communicate with you when I'm sleeping. I think it's important that I can talk to you at all times."

"I like it. I want it to be like this forever," Athena said. "You don't have to sleep. You can do chores or sleep. I gave you the option to stay awake."

"I don't like it. Too restricting. Cancel it." Her Subject protested.

Athena signaled the amnesia trigger. "If you really have something important to say, you will remember. Otherwise you will simply forget to remember and remember to forget." This was Athena communicating to Her Subject's unconsciousness.

"I had something on my mind in the last several days that I planned to talk to you about at this moment. Weird. I just forgot everything," Her Subject confusingly mumbled.

"I thought it was important, but doesn't seem to be so now. Or else I would have remembered. It was probably nothing."

"So silly of me planning days in advance a conversation not worth having. I'm going to start cleaning the table. More wine before I put it away?"

Athena got her wish consented by his unconsciousness.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trust in me

We watched the Jungle Book with the kids.

“I like that song,” Athena said afterwards.

“Not everyone has power like this over their partner. The hypnotic power over their minds. I mean, not everyone is willing, or even know how to give control of the mind over to his partner.”

“It’s probably fate. I was born in the year of the snake. It’s only natural that I have this power over you. And you this gift to me.”

Athena started to sing the song softly to Her Subject. “Now go to sleep…”

Thursday, December 8, 2016

She granted Her Subject to speak freely

Amnesia rarely worked reliably. Her Subject always remembered afterward. Usually after a few short minutes. Perhaps a day or two later at most. On some other occasions, Athena gave the memory back shortly thereafter. Would he remember if she hadn’t given him back the memory? Who knows?

Hallucination never happened. Her Subject never saw anything changing color, disappearing, or appearing out of thin air.

Sensation play didn’t work either. “When I scratch my nose, your feet will feel tickled,” Athena suggested. “I didn’t feel anything” was Her Subject’s reply.

So when Her Subject said things against his own will, it was a thrill to both him and Athena. Neither of them could explain why something worked while others didn’t. Nevertheless they were happy to add this to their achievement list. 

It turned out to be the most agonizing and the most delicious feeling ever. However, it didn’t take more than a few days before he genuinely regretting it.
Zip it! No more whining!

Athena paralyzed Her Subject from the neck down. They gazed into each other lovingly. She caressed his body gently, moving her fingertips up and down. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, and a few gentle strokes. He was hard and aching for more. “Feels nice huh?” Athena whispered. “Yes” he answered in a panting voice, excited and breathing hard.

Athena smiled lovingly. “More?”

In his mind, Her Subject answered “Yes. Please don’t stop,” and that was what his gray matter sent out to his body to do. But somehow, the signal transmission got jumbled. The wires got switched in several places. In the short distance between brain and mouth the message got rewritten. A different instruction was received and executed by the vocal cord. “Please stop,” Her Subject answered. “More time in chastity is fine.”

Immediate realized what had just happened, Her Subject was quick to shout out “That’s not what I meant.” He concentrated in visualizing articulating each word clearly in his head “Please don’t stop. Let me cum.” After several rehearsals in his head, he felt confident enough to say what he really meant. He mustered all his might to speak as rehearsed, but his body simply refused to cooperate. “What I really meant was I want more time in chastity! A lot more!” was said.

His heart raced. His throat dried. That was not what he wanted to say. Her Subject had never been more frustrated. “No no no no no…” he cried, “I didn’t mean to say that either. You have to understand…” He pretended to sob, hoping to earn some sympathy points. He even managed to squeeze out a drop of tear. “What I really want is…” but he dared not to finish the sentence fearing what the actual said words would have been.

For Her Subject was such a bad actor, Athena started giggling. She enjoyed the comedic situation. Then Athena pretended to be sympathetic in response to his pretended sobbing, “Oh my poor baby, what do you really want to say? Go ahead, try again.”

His Subject lowered his head and kept making sobbing noise.

“Having trouble saying what you really want? Isn’t this what you really want? You asked me to do this. Remember?” Athena reminded him that the whole thing was his idea.

“I know I asked. But only for a while, not forever. Please make this go away. Cancel this suggestion. I don't want to bottle this inside. I want to be able to express my true feelings again. This is terrible.”

Athena gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. “Oh my poor thing. And you are right, the fun is wearing out. Now fall deep asleep. Yes, like that. Now go deeper, deeper… so relaxed and peaceful…"

Her Subject’s frown relaxed. He looked peaceful. He fell deeply in hypnotic sleep. In a few seconds his face became mannequin-like: calm, plastic, and expressionless. His conscious had gone away completely.

Athena continued "Now service me orally in your deep sleep… yes, just like that. So obedient. I cancel the suggestion forbidding you to ask for sex. You may speak freely after you wake up. For now, lick me as you fall deeper and deeper…”

Athena unlocked Her Subject.
He got his freedom of speech back.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Wife cracking whips

Athena ignored Her Subject’s request to have any protective gear. The whips have never landed on Athena. Not once. Perhaps she is meant for this. She is quite comfortable wielding two whips simultaneously.
She specifically bought this shirt to tease Her Subject. The graphic is an ornate skeleton key design. To remind them both that she is the Keyholder.

A nice loop was travelling down the 8-foot whip. A terrifying whip crack would soon follow. The loop was just about finishing unwinding on the short 4-foot whip.

This gives the perspective of the long whip length.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Athena hypnotized Her Subject to lose the ability to ask for
sex. Nor could he complain or whine. Any of them would
result in his own body asking to extend chastity time.

He was not silenced. Nor mind controlled. Not entirely. Only certain expressions forbidden. Censored? Neurally altered? Her Subject doesn’t have a word for it.

But it was real and frustrated Her Subject to no end.

Athena stepped out of shower naked. She looked heavenly. Her Subject uncontrolledly uttered in awe, “You are so beautiful,” but followed with “Extend my chastity more.” Immediately he panicked, waving his arms wildly in denying motion, “I didn’t mean to say that. Please understand.” He took a deep breath calming down, “What I really want is…” then fell silent. He didn't dare to finish the sentence. If he tried to ask for sex, the opposite would be heard. Athena had rewired him. Any expression of sexual needs would be changed to chastity wants. Not even silent hand gestures escaped her control. Her Subject neither could ask for sex, nor whine or complain for the lack of it. Any of them would result in his own body asking for more chastity.

Athena giggled. She was glowing because of her hypnotic power over him. “Oh I know exactly what you are trying to say. But you can’t, can you? Now concentrate hard and try again. Go ahead and try it. I do enjoy a good comedy.” Athena then danced seductively. Naked.

Her Subject laughed bitterly. He kept his mouth shut.

“Try to tell me what you really meant,” Athena encouraged him. “Try” implies failure. An elementary hypnotic trick.

Her Subject remained silent. He was at a loss for words.

Losing this much control of his own body was a terrible feeling. He was regretting the whole FLR or Femdom thing altogether, whatever it is called. The whole thing seemed to be a serious mistake. Her Subject was not enjoying it. Perhaps he was not the submissive he thought he was. But if he wasn’t, the whole hypnosis thing would stop working. It was very confusing.

Her Subject liked more interesting sex life. At least when it was going the way he wanted to be. He felt comfortable suggesting Athena what to do. Tonight was a little bit too much for him. Athena's hypnotic power frightened him. “I’m having second thoughts on this Femdom thing,” Her Subject said. “It sucks. I don’t want this anymore. Can we go back to how things were? Like a year ago? I want everything cancelled.”

Her Subject felt cold suddenly. He saw ice crystals grew around the room.
Athena’s glowing smile went dark in an instant. Her seductive dancing jolted to a very stern posture. Her icy stare banished Her Subject’s consciousness to oblivion. Frost spread out from Athena encircling the room. The sound of ice crystalizing propagated all around. “You asked for this. I changed for you. I put in the effort for you. Everything I do, you asked. No, you begged. Regret? It’s too late."

“I don’t want to be bothered now,” Athena said and put on her robe while leaving the bedroom. Just out of the door, her hand swirled, then made a pushing motion, “Go to sleep.”

Nobody touched Her Subject, but he was pushed and fell backward lifelessly onto bed into a deep sleep.